How can office employees get more physical activity at work?

Office workers should have more physical activity. Read the article to know how to obtain a healthy work style.

At work it is necessary to get more office physical activity!  Office workers often complain about the working conditions and health. So we will try to look into the idea of office physical activity challenges.  A few words will be mentioned about office games. Scientists report that it would be much better - physically and mentally - to feel  themselves hamsters, according to The Times. Obesity - is the problem of those who sit at the desk. It is evidenced by the American experiments   that when running your fingers over the keyboard, burning a minimal amount of energy, your legs have to run on the fitness track. As if the work itself is not an exercise track! However, scientists have developed a mobile workplace. The table, called the vertical workstation. It can be put on the wheel, which the worker can rotate, like a seamstress with old-fashioned sewing machine or imitating squirrel in a cage.

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Such a table was tested  in the Mayo Clinic , a medical research center in Minnesota.  14 women and one man suffering from extra weigh took part in the experiment. The results, published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, have shown that all the 15 dropped up to two kilograms a year.

 The researchers have found out that sitting at the table and pointing to the keyboard  burn no more than 72 calories per hour. But moving a table on the wheel on the track simulator, the employee travels a distance equivalent to one mile per hour, burning 191 calories. The average increase in consumption for walking while sitting in the group amounted to 119 calories per hour.

Scientists have designed a tube - looking steel table. Four  rubber  wheels in the form of  letter H are attached to the bottom  and  allow you to move around the office space. On one side is a mobile board monitor and on the other - the keyboard and mouse. According to the designers,  there is a place for vases, cups, cup with pens and paper trays on this not very ordinary office invention. The idea is to make office employees  get more physical activity at work. Approximately the same result can be achieved if employees get tied laptops to the bike handlebars and start work already on the way to the office. It should be told about one great problem in this connection - the potential growth of road traffic accidents. The  conclusion is as follows- if the office worker doesn’t sit  at the computer,  but works while walking, he solves several problems at once. First he can increase energy expenditure by 100 kilocalories per hour. Second he minds his health. Third he doesn’t stop working. That is great way out of the situation. Scientists round up that the new tables are popular with volunteers. "The vertical workstation for fitness and walking track are well tolerated by all subjects, there were no injuries, falls and instability", - says  the report.

Still we are waiting for the day, when in each office will be a fitness track and office employees will burn energy an hour or two every day while using it. Thus, until such tracks are not appeared in every office, you can learn how to get more physical activity in another way.

A few tips

Stand during meetings. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, climb and descend  the stairs on foot. Failure of the elevator in the morning can be an excellent exercise, which not only cheer, but also burn a lot of calories. If the need arises to climb or descend to another floor, an elevator is also not recommended  to use during the day.  Do not send emails to colleagues by e-mail - go and see them. Getting around the office gives an opportunity to change the situation, to walk, stretch, squat.   Do push-up exercises near the copy machine. Use a paper stack of 500 sheets of A4 size as a dumbbell. Alternately, do several  legs  lifting sets while talking on the phone. During the lunch break go for a walk, not a pub. Regularly interchange  walking  and sitting activities. Blink every five seconds because monitor can make you look without  blinking. The majority of women office workers  dream to lose weight, after a day spent at work in the same position. They think that the question of how to lose weight during sitting work  is rhetorical. But they are absolutely mistaken. In any job you can find a way to move.

Healthy style of work

Sitting  work is quite possible to combine with the performance of elementary gymnastics.  It can be an effective exercises  relaxing various muscle groups. To perform abdominal exercises should involve elementary  movements, trying to hold the abdominal muscles in this position as long as possible. Then press can relax and repeat the exercise 5-6 times more for a few seconds.

On the question of how to effectively lose weight during sitting work, a reasonable answer can give breathing exercises for weight loss. For example, you can perform this exercise. Put your hands on your knees and slightly bent down, take a deep breath nose and sharply exhale mouth. Freeing light from the air completely, you need to hold your breath and draw the abdomen, count to five, relax and breathe.  Of course, in the clothes of office workers it is not convenient to jump on the rope, but the twist hoop 15 minutes is possible . Daily ten-minute rotation on the drive  helps to make the waist thinner and assist the disappearance of extra centimeters to the hips.

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