How condoms save the lives of elephants in Tanzania?

Can you use a condom to chase away an elephant? See how they do it in Tanzania!

 condoms save the lives of elephants

No one wants to see Africa without elephants. These huge animals are gorgeous, and their extinction would be a grave loss. That’s why they invented a way to use condoms to save the elephants’ lives. See how they do it.

Why use condoms to save elephants?

Besides killing animals for getting their precious tusks, many of them get injured or murdered for trespassing. Elephants invade the villages, destroy people’s houses or trample down their crops. To survive locals used to apply violent methods to tame the beasts. They used spears to chase them away or kill.

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 lives of elephants in Tanzania

Now there is a new way of doing it without the violence. As it proved to be, condoms can be actually used to chase away the giants from the fields. One of the foundations helping save elephants in Tanzania has provided a 4-step plan. First: fire a torch. Second: blow a trumpet.

These two are not new for the villages. However, the problem is they have been using such methods for centuries, and the animals got used to them. They have become inefficient. So, move on to the step 3: use a condom.

No, you do not have to start making love or use it the traditional way. That won’t scare of the elephants. But you can make a bomb out of the condom. Mix some soil with the Chili powder, add a firecracker and you are ready to go.

Fire the fuse and throw the bomb at the marauders. It loudly explodes in the air, and the Chili quickly helps to change the mind of the intruders. They hate it and turn away.

Step #4: fire a Roman candle and have a firework! That has never failed the locals. So, now they use condoms to save the lives of the giant animals and keep their houses and fields safe, too.

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