How conjoined twins were separated?

How the conjoined twins Anias and Jadon McDonal were separated. The amazing story!

Conjoined twins

The whole world was waiting for the results of this operation, performed on conjoined twins. Anias and Jadon McDonal shared one head. See, what happens now.

How did the surgery on separating the conjoined twins passed?

For so many months these two were very close. They are not just twins, but they shared one head! Parents of the toddlers love them as they are, but they understand that living like this would rob their children of normal life and many pleasures of it.


 twins who shared one head

So, they decided to opt in for the operation. It costs over 2,5 million dollars. Plus, two young lives are at stake! Many people from around the world watched the news and prayed for the kids to survive. The surgery lasted over 27 hours. At first the boys got separated and then each of them had to be treated alone.

one head

Finally, doctors reunited the lads in one recovery room, but they are no longer conjoined! Both toddlers survived and the happy parents thank God for the miracle!

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