How does N3.3 BN house look like?

How does one of the most expensive houses in Nigeria look like? What sum of money was spent on the different parts of this building? Read the article to learn the most interesting facts about 3 billion Naira house.

expensive house in Nigeria

It is possible to find photos of the state residence Ekiti in the Internet, which worth 3.3 billion Naira, including beds worth 50 million of Naira where the former Governor of the state Ekiti spend this time. Kayode Fayemi lives with his wife and children here and manages the state. The state is in debts because of inability to pay the salary to workers, while the local mogul lives in extreme luxury.

The acting governor of Ekiti, Ayodele Fayose accused his predecessor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi of frivolous and heavy expenses of the state money in amount of 50 million Naira for smart beds and bedrooms in recently built government expensive house of the state of Ekiti, which belongs to him and his spouse.

In the report, he specified that the expenses spent for these two bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms made a sum of approximately N100 M. This building is included in the list of the most expensive homes in Nigeria.

most expensive homes

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Owing to recent indignation of media against such extravagant expenses of Fayemi, he was protected from accusations in his part, reasoning for it that during the management in the state of Ekiti, he invested a large sum of money in infrastructure, which will become the catalyst for upgrade of the state. Infrastructure development is the second point of the political management program of Fayemi consisting of 8 points. Also this program is known as Roadmap to Ekiti Recovery.

The following is told in the publication on the official site of Fayemi: adjusted on being remembered by citizens for made contribution to development of the state, the management of Fayemi created this project.

At implementation of its plans, the state politicians have taken into account need to execute projects, which will be coordinated with requirements of the government and citizens of the state of Ekiti. They also intend to carry out rational use of land resources. It is necessary only to guess truthfulness of intentions of the government. But meanwhile photos of the magnificent house expensive house in Nigeria gain huge popularity. You can look at these apartments and think where governors direct their money for real.

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