How does the ugliest woman in the world look like?

Have you ever seen the woman, which is claimed to be the ugliest in the world? Check out this article to know more!

ugliest woman

Lizzie Velasquez, which is called the ugliest woman in the world by some people, was born with a rare syndrome that gives her an aged appearance and makes it hard for the 63lb woman to gain weight. When she was 17, someone posted a video of her online and strangers made awful comments, telling her to kill herself.

A 26-year-old girl who was once labeled the ‘ugliest woman in the world’ insists that she actually thanks the online bullies who cruelly tormented her about her appearance, because they helped her get to the great place she's in today. 
Lizzie Velasquez was born with neonatal progeroid syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that gives her an aged appearance. It affects her face, muscle tone, brain, heart, eyes, and bones. It also prevents her from gaining weight - meaning that at 5'2", the Austin, Texas, resident is just 63lbs.

ugliest woman

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Lizzie did not know she was different until her first day of kindergarten, when her classmates shrunk away from her. The other kids seemed afraid of her appearance and would often point and refuse to sit with her - even though she wasn't doing anything wrong.

'It was a big slap of reality for a five-year-old,' she said.

Her parents told her that she was just smaller than the other kids were, but she was beautiful and could accomplish anything.


However, while most people would have trouble recovering from such a heart-wrenching experience, Lizzie is not most people.
In fact, she now says that she would like to thank the person who first labeled her the 'ugliest woman in the world, because he or she changed Lizzie's life.

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