How energy drinks work?

What do you know about how energy drinks work? What hides beyond energy drink side effect? Why do people like them?

Energy drinks

Energy drinks as it implies from the name – gives you extremely large burst of energy. This energy comes from the energy drink ingredients, like caffeine and sugar. If we take into account a simple energy drink, then you might expect to get some eighty milligrams of caffeine. If you take into account the study about soda drinks conducted in 2006, then you might also understand that twelve ounces of soda can contain maximum eighty-four milligrams of caffeine.

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How can energy drinks be differentiating from soda if not only with the amount of caffeine? If you use soft drinks, that contains flavoring, water, and sugar. They can`t provide any harm to your body as they simply work as good taste. If you think about sports drinks, then they created for supporting your body during workout sessions and other activities. Their typical contain are sugar, electrolytes, and sugar. Energy drinks added caffeine that can significantly boost your energy level up high. Therefore, it can be perfectly suited for athletes and students, who desire to be provided with extra energy kick.

energy drinks be differentiating from soda

Energy drinks became popular in Asia countries long before they get to the shores of the other World.  The first energy drink was produced in 1962 by Japanese company Taisho and was called Lipovitan D. This product was extremely helpful for employers in the night stand. Lipovitan D energy drink main ingredient was taurine, which is largely contained in many today`s energy drinks.

The story of the very first drink that reached shores of other countries begins in 1980. It was named as Jolt Cola. The main idea of the Jolt Soda was an extreme supplement of caffeine and sugar. Energy Drinks in Nigeria appeared at the end of the 1990s. They became largely welcome in many student`s campuses and dormitories.

Energy drinks became popular in Asia

One of the Austrian businessmen, Dietrich Mateshitz, took the cash potential of energy drinks on the ones of his trips to Asia. Together with his two partners from Thailand, he opened his new business which currently named Red Bull GmbH. Many European countries were filled with the Red Bull. It should also be mentioned, that the American West Coast was the first place to discover that the Red Bull is a perfect addition to many cocktails.

Red Bull started his conquering path in the United States in the end on the 1990s. The manufacturing Revenues of the Red Bull company doubled every year and at the beginning of the 2000s it reached more than one billion dollars. It should be mentioned that Red Bull was the leader of energy drinks markets. Many celebrities have been shooting in advertising companies for this energy drink.

Red Bull started his conquering path in the United States

Energy Drink ingredients are pretty simple to follow and consist usually of:

  • Ginkgo biloba – this product is made of the Ginkgo biloba tree seeds and served as memory enhancing element.
  • Inositol – Fellow member of the vitamin B complex. It helps to establish connections with cells of the body.
  • Creatine – a muscle contraction energy supplier on the chemical basis.
  • Carnitine – an organic acid that can provide huge benefits in the acid metabolism.
  • Guarana Seed – This stimulant comes from a small shrub that can be found in Brazil and Venezuela.
  • B-vitamins – It`s a group of vitamins that can easily convert sugar into energy that has a huge impact on the muscle tone.
  • Ginseng – It`s a root that also contains some medical elements that can perfectly work stress reduction and boost energy levels in your organism.
  • Taurine – It`s a natural amino acid that is produced by our body that helps to increase heart beating and muscle contraction effect. Many doctors believe that Energy drinks negative side may come from Taurine as it has addictive potency.
  • Ephedrine – One of the main stimulants for our nervous system. It`s one of the key elements in the weight loss products. Nevertheless, it has some problems with effects, like heart effects.

Energy drinks ingredients might be extremely welcome for the soft drinks and nutritional supplements. The taste for many of them follows the same pattern. People who tried them gave the information that the taste provides a combination of “Molten Sweet Tart” and medicine pills.

Energy drinks ingredients

According to the Energy Drinks manufacturer claims, energy drinks can perfectly work as a key element for performance and endurance. Nevertheless, some medical experts do not agree with their opinion. Any boost from drinking of the energy drinks can only come from caffeine and sugar.

The main work for the caffeine is blocking brain chemicals that involve adenosine, which is a provider of sleeping effect for our body. If caffeine blocks adenosine, then you might find that neuron in the brain are on fire. Our body thinks that we are in danger. Therefore, it provides a great boost of emergency measures which include adrenaline. You may feel the effect which comes with the intensive heart beating and pituitary gland initiating adrenaline. This hormone is a nice supplement for heart beating element that dilates your eyes. It also causes some effect of liver delivering extra sugar to the blood. Caffeine can provide the impulse of dopamine that gives pleasure center new energy. These combinations that can give some more energy to your blood stream.

Energy drinks ingredients

Energy drinks can be perfectly helpful and not provide any harm to your body if you drink them in moderation rate. The main problem is a caffeine stimulant consuming of which in large quantities may lead to insomnia, anxiety and heart palpitations. It can also help you to be irritable and jittery. Moreover, caffeine is very addictive. Another energy drink ingredient that can be stressful for your body is diuretic. It can make kidney to remove extra fluids from your body. Therefore, it leaves the body with fewer fluids. Therefore, it`s not welcome to drink energy drinks while you are exercising. It can severally dehydrate you.

Many people can drink energy drinks with alcohol, like vodka that makes it a supreme energy cocktails. It should be mentioned that alcohol can work as a depressant, that can make you unaware of how much alcohol you drink. According to some studies, people who mix alcohol with energy drinks may perfectly feel sober and alert, even if they are completely wasted. Moreover, alcohol and energy drinks mix can provide you the extremely unwelcome effect of dehydration that is dangerous for your body. There are cases in the world that proves that mixing and drinking too much of alcohol can perfectly kill you, as it happened in 1991 with two guys in Sweden.

drinking too much

Other reasons of energy drinks bad for you is other elements containing in them. One of these energy drinks ingredients that can cause many problems is ephedrine; that is an element of many decongestants which causes heart problems. It should also be mentioned that there are not enough medical researches on the effect for the body of the energy drinks in long-term. There are cases when young children happened to become medical centers patients because of consuming too much energy drinks. According to the health experts’ opinion, energy drinks shouldn`t be provided to young children and pregnant women. Therefore, it can cause many problems for the health for the weak body and leave it dehydrated.

Red Bull

Red Bull is one the most popular energy drinks in the USA. Nevertheless, it can be not so popular in other countries. France Government banned Red Bull for the people below eighteen years old after the case with the Irish athlete who died from consuming too much Red Bull. French laws also dictate the maximum amount of caffeine that can be contained in drinks. Norway and Denmark also banned Red Bull for the extending level of caffeine-containing in it.Other countries, like Canada, have laws that force Red Bull to label their product as dangerous for children and pregnant women.

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