How genetics works?

What is a genetic code? What will your kids look like? How to improve your inclinations? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about genes and genetics code here!

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Fantasizing about our capabilities, not knowing the limits is irresponsible. Great interest in psychology, forgetting about the physiology and genetics is wrong. Any person, who is interested in studying genetics code and how genetics works, must take into account a lot of different aspects.

However, it is not true that the newborn is only body with a set of genes: the newborn is already a member of society, it is someone's child, he is already loved by his mother and father. No one yet knows if there are at least the rudiments of mind, will and spirit in the newborn child, but we can confidently say is that a child (from birth) has his genes that determine his life and development. Human Genetics is the innate human characteristics transmitted through the genes.

Genetics definition

how genetics works

Genes - DNA segments carrying the information of heredity. Congenital features of a human, transmitted through the genes - human genetics. Genotype - a set of genes of an organism. Phenotype - is external manifestation of these genes, a set of characters of an organism. Phenotype - it's all what you can see, count, measure, describe, just looking at a person (blue eyes, blonde hair, short stature, temperament - choleric, and so on).

Human Genetics studies:

Genetics definition

  • genetic determination of physiological, biochemical and morphological properties of individual tissues and organs of a human, neuro-humoral coordination of his mental (emotional) and intellectual activity;
  • statistical regularities of the distribution of gene frequencies in micropopulations;
  • methods of protection of human genotype from defeat by various environmental factors - chemical agents in the production of ionizing radiation, pharmacological agents, cosmic radiation and others.

Human Genetics studies

  • genetics diseases, their transmission from generation to generation, manifested in ontogeny, the spread in populations, the possibility of medical and genetic counseling for hereditary diseases, geographic distribution, and so on;
  • the role of heredity and environment in shaping personality;
  • molecular mechanisms of memory based on the principle of coding and transmission of genetic information;
  • the role of the signaling system in the accumulation and transfer of acquired generations in the ontogeny of information, and so on.

Men have more volatile genotype, women - phenotype. According to some geneticists, mostly genes broadcast programs not to the next generation, but th generation after the next one, that is, your genes will go not your children, but to your grandchildren. And your children will get the genes of your parents. Numerous genetics test proved this idea.

What determines our genes?

What determines our genes

Genes determine our physical and mental characteristics, the genes specify that we as humans cannot fly and breathe under water, but we can learn human speech and writing. Boys more easily orient themselves in the objective world, girls - in the world of relationships. Someone born with an absolute music hearing, someone - with absolute memory, and someone with the average intelligence.

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The ability of the child depends on the age of the parents. Brilliant children often are born in pairs, where their mother is 27 years old, his father is 38. However, most healthy children appear in younger families, when the mother is about 18 and 27. Genes determine a lot of our traits and inclinations. Boys have a tendency to deal with machines, instead of dolls. Genes affect our individual predisposition to different diseases, to antisocial behavior, to talents, physical or intellectual activities, etc. Can we say that all people from childhood have a natural tendency toward good, that man by nature is good? This is one of the central issues on which the debate still continues among psychologists.

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It is important always to remember that the tendency is pushing a person, but does not determine hid behavior. Propensity is created by genes and people are responsible for the behavior. However, a person can work on his inclinations: develop some, find your favorite, and some left outside of your attention, to extinguish them, to forget.

Genes determine the time when a certain talent or our tendency will manifest or not. Hit the right time, when the genes are ready - made a miracle. Missed time - failed. Today, the child’s susceptible to developing process is high - he is a ‘white shit of paper’, ‘absorbs only the good’ and ‘very talented’, and a year later: ‘he does not understand’ and ‘the apple never falls far from the tree’ (sadly).

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Genes determine when we our sexual attraction wakes up and when it goes to sleep. Genes influence on happiness, and character traits.

After analyzing data from more than 900 pairs of twins, Edinburgh University psychologists have found evidence for the existence of genes that determine traits, a tendency to happiness, and the ability to handle stress better.

Aggression and kindness, brilliance and dementia, autism or extroversion are transmitted from parents to children like the makings. All this may be changed by proper upbringing, but in varying degrees, since there are the makings of varying strength. Whether a child can be taught or not, it is also related to his genetics. Important note: healthy children are quite teachable. Human genetics makes the person being exclusively trained and available to be taught!

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Genes - the carriers of our capabilities, including the possibilities for changing and improvement. Interestingly, men and women, in this case, have different possibilities. Men (more often than women) are born with certain abnormalities: there are a lot of men, who are very high and very low, very smart, and vice versa, the talented idiot. It seems that nature is experimenting on the men. In this case, if a man was born so, changing it is very difficult. Men are tied to their genotype, the phenotype (external manifestation of the genotype) changes slightly.

If you were born tall, you will stay tall. Short men can grow up to 1-2 centimeters due to sport, but no more.

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The situation is different with women. On average women are born the same, including less biological, genetic deviations. Most of them have an average height, average intelligence, with an average decency; there are fewer idiots among women than men. But there is less outstanding intellectually or morally, too. It seems that evolution, conducting experiments on men, decides not to take risks and invest in women, who are the most reliable. This individual (phenotypic) variability is higher for women: if a girl was born small relatively to the others, she will be able to stretch to 2-5 cm (more than men can). Women have more freedom from their genotype, they have a greater opportunity than men, they can change themselves.

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Genes give us our options, and genes also limit our ability. From the grain of wheat the proud wheat grows, and from apple seedlings - beautiful branched apple tree. Our essence, our inclination and opportunity to realize ourselves is given us by our genes. On the other hand, the wheat grain will give only wheat, seedling of apple - only apples, and no matter how much a frog wishes it, it will turn into a bull.  

Human is a part of nature, and all of the above is true for him too. Genes determine the limits of our capabilities, including our ability to change ourselves, to strive for growth and development. If you are lucky with the genes you have been able to perceive the influence of your parents and teachers, increased, developed – you will become a decent and talented man.

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If your genes are less lucky, and you were born with some serious disease, due to the fine surroundings you will grow only well-bred sick person. In this sense, our genes become our destiny, and our genes, our capacity to grow and change cannot be changed by our efforts.

How many genetically mortgaged things we have? It is a very controversial issue (the interaction of heredity and environment is studied by psychogenetics). Rather, the truth is that the more a person is removed from the animal world, the less innate and more acquired things he has. While it must be admitted that most of us have a lot of innate. On average, according to geneticists, genes determine human behavior by 40%.

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If you love your child and learn to be a good parent and a teacher, whether you are guaranteed to reach success? No. No matter how talented teacher you are, you can bear ‘frustrated’ or difficult child, who cannot be taught on a proper level. And there is really little that can be done. If you make everything that is  possible, you can reduce the harm to the people of this child, but do you have time to grow up a worthy person for two decades of his upbringing? It does not always work. Man is born with his own character, and it is very different. Some children are born at once ‘easy’ - the character is light, supple, they are friends with adults and they listen to them. Others have difficult character: they can’t deal with themselves, hard to deal with them.

What does it mean? Only that it is worth looking well at the one, with whom you are going to start a family. Pay attention to the family, taking into account not only that it is necessary to meet them, but the fact that one or the other character can be given to your child.

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Genetics may be good or bad, and it depends also on our lifestyle. In favorable conditions and a good educational process, the possible negative predisposition cannot be realized, or corrected, ‘hide behind’ awakened influence of neighboring genes and a positive disposition, sometimes hidden – will manifest. Sometimes a person (child) does not know his capabilities, and categorically ‘put an end’ saying that ‘this ugly duckling will never become a swan’ is very dangerous.

Another risk is spending time and energy on the man, from whom nothing would be gained. They say that everyone can be a genius, and it is theoretically true. However, one (for this purpose) will need thirty years, and the other - three hundred years, and investing in such distressed people is unprofitable. Sports trainers say that it is an innate talent, rather than the method of training - the most important factor shaping the future champion. That person is given by nature - the base on which the rest things should be build.

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If a girl is born brown-haired woman with green eyes and a with ‘predisposition’ to the thick shape, it is possible, of course, to dye the hair and wear colored lenses: the girl would still be green-eyed brown-haired woman. But whether her ‘predisposition’ to wear huge sizes, which worn by all her relatives, will become true, mostly depends on her own.

Can a person change, once overcome, and once to improve his genetics? The answer to this question cannot be general, because it is set individually and genetically. In general, to speak properly, the development of the child determines the propensity, plus his education. However, one child from birth is 90% determined by his inclinations and only 10% can be added by education (stubborn child) and another one is almost like a blank sheet, 10% of inclination and 90% that can be attached by education. Both of them are the innate characteristics of the child.

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What is the relationship of you or your child? This can be understood only by experience, working with the child (or yourself). Genes define opportunities, but it depends on us, how we realize these opportunities. If you have good genetics, you can make it even better and pass on to your children as the most precious gift. Our DNA remembers what our childhood was like. There were some observing that proved the genetically transmitted habits, skills, aptitudes, and even manners. If you have developed the beautiful manners, put a good voice, accustomed yourself to the daily routine and responsibilities, that is a good chance that, sooner or later it will go into the genotype of your surname.

Genes determine our inclinations, our ability and inclination, but not our destiny. Genes determine a launch pad for activity - someone has better, someone has more difficult one. But what will be done based on this ground - is certainly not the concern of genes, but the people: the person and the ones close to him.

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Thinking about genetics, it is important to remember that the person lives and builds himself not alone. If you rely only on your own genetics, you can stay a savage. We are surrounded by culture, which is created by a lot of generations of many hundreds of years, absorbing the best of the genetics of each one. We are taught, and we can learn. The things that are difficult to develop yourself, can become possible with the help of teacher or coach: perhaps he is genetically predetermined to this amazing talent. People can help each other. What one cannot do, we can do together!

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