How Ghana got independence?

Who was the first president of Ghana after it gained independence in 1957? What is the contribution of Francis Nwia Kofie Kwame Nkrumah in the independence of Ghana and how long was he a president? Read the information below to learn more historical facts about it.

how Ghana gained independence

How Ghana got independence?

In 1957, the state became the first colonial territory, which has gained independence. In memory of times when functions of money in the mighty empire of Ghana were made gold dust, the new state was also called Ghana. Since then the Ghana Independence Day celebrated on the 6th of March is the most favorite holiday. So how Ghana got independence?

How Ghana became independent?

This day the mausoleum of the first president is visited by school students. The contradictory figure of the contemporary history of Ghana was born in the handicraftsman's family. Francis Nwia Kofie Kwame Nkrumah or just Kwame Nkrumah studied at Catholic school and was a teacher training college of Accra. The difficult life has forced him to move to the USA where the young man has graduated two universities, became the bachelor of the economy, sociology, divinity, the master of pedagogies and philosophy. In England, he has graduated the London University, where he has picked up the Marxist ideas. Despite brilliant prospects, tireless Nkrumah has moved to Ghana. Here he has created the party and has got up in the vanguard of the liberating fight. Subversive activities of Kwame were estimated by British the year of imprisonment. Having left the prison, the black Marxist realized the Marxist ideas with redoubled zeal. After the declaration of independence, Nkrumah became prime minister and has made a number of successful transformations. But the fatal rapprochement of Ghana with the Soviet Union has begun.

In 1964, Kwame Nkrumah changed. He has entered a one-party system, declared himself the secretary general and the lifelong president. It wasn't pleasant to military. When the head stayed in Beijing, they have made a revolution. The overthrown Kwame Nkrumah has returned to the neighboring Guinea, where he became co-president of the local dictator-communist because he wanted to govern. In exile, Kwame Nkrumah wrote lampoons, articles, books of anti-imperialist orientation. In 1972, he died in Bucharest of cancer. Over time, his remains have been transported home. Ghanaians have forgotten all bad things, connected with a name of the first president. Today Nkrumah is a national hero for everybody and a symbol of fight and release.

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How Ghana got independence

After Kwame Nkrumah's government, Ghana has endured numerous revolutions. In February 1966, the country has fallen into hands of the next dictator, but not Marxist. The lieutenant of the Air Force Jerry John Rawlings ruled in Ghana, individually disposing of its national wealth. In 1992, he allowed holding elections, which he has successfully won. This is a difficult history of how Ghana gained independence. The 6th of March is one of the most favorite and widely celebrated holidays. In total, there are 10 of them. But only on the Ghana’s Independence Day it is possible to look at the military parade. It passes at the central stadium constructed with the help of the Soviet Union. Annually on the 6th of March leaders of production, the best farmers, and representatives of the public, political, youth, and other organizations of Ghana come to Accra. Usually, the commander-in-chief long builds the troops, which have arrived at a parade, and the president or the prime minister deliver a long speech about achievements and the problems, which aren't solved yet. The anthem sounds. After that, heads of the country depart to celebrate a national holiday with the friends and relatives. Representatives of different types of military forces not always orderly disperse on barracks, and the invited leaders go home to distant settlements.

On the eve of the celebrations, children compete in force and dexterity. Competitions for them are organized by school physical education teachers. To win at such competitions, what is more – on the Independence Day – is a special honor. It is necessary to notice that the country has received freedom earlier than others thanks to the universal literacy of the population, which didn't wish to be reconciled with the oppressed situation. But the education system in Ghana was created by colonialists, first of all, by British. They have obliged parents to send children to forts where schools opened. Since colonial times the tradition to wear the uniform, like the one, which is worn by students of the British schools, has remained.

Those few Ghanaians who can definite themselves to a provided layer, celebrate the Independence Day, going to a travel on the beautiful lake Volta. It has also appeared thanks to the international help of the Soviet Union. The experts, who have constructed in gorge not only a dam but also hydroelectric power station, came to Ghana in 1964. The reservoir of 8500 sq. km provides all country with fresh water. All enterprises of the South work from the electric power developed by turbines of the hydroelectric power station in Akosombo. The travel on the lake takes several hours. The distance is covered cheerfully, with songs and dances under rhythms of live music. Gradually almost all participants of a cruise are involved in the African dance. It seems that on the earth there are no happier people than the Ghanaians celebrating the Ghana independence from Britain.


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