How hair grows?

Do you ever wonder how hair grows and why it falls out every day? There's a thing called hair life cycle which will answer your question.

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Hair growth and life cycles of hair

Hair growth takes place in strictly defined periods (phases) that are strictly distributed in time. As in nature there are seasons, the hair also pass certain stages of lives. We know that most plants bloom in the spring and fade in autumn. Similarly, the hair grows in certain cycles. These stages are called the life cycle of hair growth. At the end of the life cycle, the hair falls out naturally. During the day, from 60 to 120 hairs can fall out, and this is the normal life cycle of the hair.

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How hair grows?

Now we will look closer at how hair grows and how fast it happens, as well as how and when it falls out. As we mentioned above, the growth phase of hair is nothing else than a certain stage of the life cycle, which takes place every hair from birth until natural loss (death). There are three phases of hair growth: anagen phase, catagen phase and telogen phase.

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  • Anagen phase - the period of formation of new hair follicles (the root of the future hair). This is the longest phase of hair growth, it lasts up to 2 years and during this period the hair grows continuously. The analogous to the anagen in nature is spring.
  • Catagen - the period of the rest, this is the end of hair growth. Some processes can still continue, or to come to the end, but actually the hair is not growing. This is the shortest phase of hair growth in the life cycle of hair, it lasts 2-3 weeks. Analogous to catagen in nature is summer.
  • Telogen phase is sometimes divided into early telogen and late telogen. In the early phase of telogen the hair is not growing. Young girls can notice that when their hair grows until certain length it stops growing. It means that the hair is in the phase of telogen .The late telogen phase is the natural death, the loss of hair. After telogen, a new cycle of hair growth begins.

Why your hair isn’t growing?

So now you know the basic stages of hair growth and understand that if you have some illnesses, the active hair growth phase "anagen" is damaged. The hair falls out before the it has to and doesn’t have time to fully grow and reach desired length and thickness. The hair does not actually undergo a full life cycle and therefore becomes very thin, dull and lifeless.

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The fact that poor hair growth is not an independent phenomenon  is fundamentally important to understand! Crashing phase of hair growth is not happening out of the blue, and is often the result of more serious diseases of the body such as hormonal imbalance, metabolic disorders, etc. Remember, if your hair doesn’t grow, there was a suspicion of hair loss or you can already clearly see the signs of baldness, immediately seek the advice! Diseases of the hair are a clear pointer to the existence of problems in the body, sometimes quite severe.

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Here’s a quick hair mask you can do to grow your hair faster:

Mask with honey and brandy is great tool for a quick growing and strengthening of hair. Mix one egg yolk with a tablespoon of honey, add a tablespoon of cognac and aloe. Mix and apply on roots, carefully massaging, and keep about 40 min under polythene and a towel. The mask is easily washed off, even without shampoo. Do this mask 1-2 times a week for months. Your hair will grow thick and strong.

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