How long are the world's longest dreadlocks?

How old is the owner on the longest dreadlocks in the world? How much time did she grow her hair dress to the current length? Read the information below to learn the most interesting facts.

Longest dreadlocks in the world

Longest dreadlocks in the world, which are 16.7 meters long, are carried by American Asha Mandela. The 47-year-old woman has set a record on length of dreads in the Guinness Book of Records in 2009. But according to the official version the longest dreadlocks have length only 6 meters.

The resident of Atlanta didn't go to be cut 25 years and now her hair weighs 19 kg, and in a wet state this number is much bigger. Asha washes her head not often, because about 50 hours are spent on drying the dreads. Usually hair should be carried in a special bag – baby sling.

Despite preventions of doctors who advise the woman to shear hair, otherwise she can remain paralyzed, the owner of the longest dreadlocks ever has declared that she would never cut them. Look at longest dreadlocks ever pictures to be convinced how surprisingly and strange it looks:

longest dreadlocks

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'My hair became a part of me. It is my life. I will never cut them. The hairstyle would be equivalent to suicide. It is like to turn into the zombie' - the resident of Atlanta says. The woman calls hair her child and considers that they have helped her to overcome two heart attacks. Besides, they help fight against cancer.

Improbable hair has brought to Asha thousands of admirers worldwide. She has even begun release of cosmetic production on her own secret formula, by which, according to her, she is obliged to the success. The woman spends two days on washing up and drying up hair. Besides, she can easily appear in a trap, having pinched hair doors or having hooked for a bush. Mandela worries that 'someone mad about hair' can cut off a lock of her hair when she loses vigilance.

the longest dreadlocks ever

Doctors also have asked the woman to think over reduction of length of hair for health reasons, because of the increased risk of developing of bacterial infection. However, the main problem, according to doctors, is weight. 'It seems that doctors think that I have a backbone curvature. In their opinion, my long and heavy hair is the reason of it. Some say that my cervical vertebras cannot sustain loadings therefore I will have spasms in a back and probably will be paralyzed' – the record-holder tells.

The owner of the longest dreadlocks in the world is happy in love. Now she is married to the Kenyan who goes with the same hair dress. It is already the third marriage of Asha Mandela. Earlier she was happy with Englishman and Welshman. Mrs. Mandela at whom the 11-year-old son grows says that her hair has helped her with private life. 'Because of my hair I have never had problems with proximity. I think that it on the contrary adds a little hotness to the relations' – Asha says.

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