How sexy is your name? Top 10 sexiest names

People are wondering how names affect lives. Do they? What are the sexiest names in the world? You’ll find all the secrets of names here.

If you are looking for a suitable name for your child, you may need the following information. Or you are just wondering how sexy your name is. Here you are 10 sexiest names for guys and list of the sexiest girl names.

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Scarlett Johansson is a winner of the sexiest names among women. Scarlett is very sexy name. People have voted for it from all over the world. Besides Scarlett was named the most beautiful woman in the world many times.

Visitors of the portal tried to define the method of voting for the sexiest names of men and women. The organizers decided to create the survey. Then the results were summarized and they named the top 10 in each category.

Interestingly, as in male and female categories there were Russian names. And these names were among the best ones. In men’s top of the sexiest the sixth place was given to the name Dmitry. A third place of women’s top list took the name Natalia. Who knew they are so popular in the world?

This is a complete list of winners. So let’s check it out.

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Top 10 sexiest male names are: Romeo, Mateo, Alessandro, Dimitri, Dane, Marcelo, Lorenzo, Rhett, Dante, Rémy.

So all the guys who have these names may be very proud of themselves.  Also, it must be mentioned that plenty of people voted to see the top list. So these names must be really the sexiest ones in the world.

So now top 10 sexiest female names: Scarlett, Anaïs, Paulina, Nicolette, Chanel, Soraya, Natalia, Alessandra, Adrianna, Giuliana.

The simple conclusion is obvious: in general, people find sexy men's names that end in ‘o’, and female names that end in ‘a’. Many people prefer the Italian and French sounds. Such names, by the way, are often chosen as the names of shops and brands of fragrances and lingerie.

If you did not find your name among the top names, we hope that it is not included in the next ranking. The organizers of the survey, which had ‘to unleash’ the full picture of sexy names, decided to show the most unsexy of them. Bob and Gertrude took the first places in this ‘antisexual rating’

bad names

Top 5 least sexy male names: Norman, Bob, Howard, Ernest, Dick.

And, of course, Top 5 most non-sexual female names: Agnes, Gertrude, Bertha, Mildred, Ethel.

But does the name have the characteristics that are inevitably inherent to the person who has it? Can a name affect the life and the fate of the person or all depends on something else? A lot of people are wondering about that hundreds of years.

The name is directly linked to the nationality. Getting the name, the child involuntarily begins to identify with the history and character of the nation. On the other hand, there are plenty of international names which give greater freedom for the baby. They have a person with such a name an opportunity to become ‘the citizen of the world’.

Every name has its own social image and character. Learning the history of mankind and his country, reading novels and books, child unwittingly draws attention to the namesakes. Who were they? What did they do? Do the descendants remember them? He finds the same features that he has or wants to have.

Each name certainly means something. For the convenience of humanity abandoned the uniqueness of the first names ‘Sharp Eye’, ‘Morning Star’. However, all our names are derived from the word with its meaning. Some of them have lost a direct connection with the original meaning. For example, you would not guess that Alex is ‘a protector’ and Peter is ‘a rock’. You’ll never guess it. Some of the names on the contrary, indicate precisely what they mean. For example, Victoria, Holly, Flora, Rose, Gloria, Prudence, Angela, Blossom and many others.

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If you are looking for a sexy and pretty name you may check out the lists but if you need something special you’ll feel it. You’ll feel the name you’re looking for. Each name has some special energy, maybe even magic. And if you like Bertha, Ernest, Dick, Howard, Norman or Agnes - it’s fine. Because it’s your choice and everything is up to you.


I wonder whose idea was to conduct a survey about whose name is sexy. Yes, many people were very interested to know whether his child sexual or not the name. To be honest to the end of the 10 sexual names, both male and female, I did not like either one. Maybe something I do not understand, but her child, I would never have called so. As for the less sexy names, so this is a horror. These names are probably better suited under the category of asexual. In general, when I choose a name for your child, I will not look at it as sexy, the main thing that sounded good, but the rest is not so important.

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