How television was invented?

Love watching TV? Find out when it was invented, who is the author of the idea and how it has happened.

Do you like watching TV? But what do you know about it? The inventor, the reasons of creation, and other interesting facts are now open for you! Learn all this information right now and widen your background knowledge.

How television was invented?

Why television was invented?

It isn't a secret, television is an extremely popular thing. Many people like it and cannot even live without it. For particular persons, it has even become an obsession. For them, TV is a kind of a drug. However, what were the earliest reasons to create it? Let’s find out:

  1. Communication. Such technologies make possible to communicate on long distances. It was very convenient for the government. Besides, people could see the faces of each other, not only hear voices.
  2. Tv invention reasonSitcoms. Many people by that time adored radio sitcoms. The whole family might have gathered around to listen to them. TV invention was the next step. The opportunity of watching has made such series even more famous.
  3. Entertainment. It is very similar to the previous reason; it was created to entertain people with the help of actors. It was also possible to see lives of others, to look at job of your dream, and so on.
  4. Education. In a course of time, many useful channels have appeared. For example, Discovery or National Geographic. It allowed parents to develop their children, to widen their knowledge etc.
  5. Advancement. The inventor’s cause was probably the future development. Scientists are always interested in progress and new technologies. And that was a real step forward.

These are the main and primary reasons. However, nowadays some of them might have changed a bit.

When television was invented?

When television was invented?

History of television is quite long. It started in the 19th century. Everything began with mechanical TV. Between the years 1843 – 1845 the facsimile machine was created to scan images. And in 1856, the first practical system of such type was used on telegraph lines.

In 1900, the first model of television was introduced on the paper. Nevertheless, the design became practical only in 1907. First instantaneous transmission of demonstration took place in 1909. Then, in the following years, more new technologies were incorporated to develop the system.

In 1920s, the work on color TV started. And the first demonstration happened in 1925. By January 26, 1926, the transmission of an image of a face in motion by radio was demonstrated. It is thought to be the first television demonstration in history. Work on the distance of signal continued in the following years.

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Who invented television?

Who invented television?

It is a question, which is really difficult to answer. In fact, there were lots of people in history, who had done a lot for its creation and development. Some of them made designs, which were only on the paper. The others invented essential details and technical things for television. There were also those, who applied both technologies and designs to make a complete TV. Such people might be considered the actual inventors then.

John Logie Baird is considered the one, who has done a lot for history of television. Though the idea itself has appeared several years before, he has applied it in practice. Many scientists were working on important discoveries to make TV possible. Among them you may find the following names: Frederick Bakewell (facsimile machine), Willoughby Smith (discovered photoconductivity), Paul Julius Gottlieb Nipkow (Nipkow Disc), Constantin Perskyi (introduced TV on paper), Lee de Forest and Arthur Korn (made existing design practical), Georges Rignoux and A. Fournier (instantaneous transmission of images), Boris Rosing (mirror-drum scanner system) and others. Much more people might be enumerated here.

Who is John Logie Baird?

Who is John Logie Baird?

You already know that this man is considered by many to be one of fathers of television. He was born not far from Glasgow in 1888. He made money by selling soap and socks. TV invention was his greatest dream. That’s why he decided to sell his business to follow it. He had to borrow money from friends and relatives in order to survive, as the idea about TV had become a kind of obsession. Nevertheless, in 1925, the first working device was displayed to the public at Selfridges in Oxford Street, London.

He continued his work and two years later, he introduced the color version. He also demonstrated Phonovision – his video recording system. By 1939, about 20,000 TV sets were used across Great Britain. But Baird didn’t stop. In 1940, he showed high-definition full color stereo television of his creation.

Where television was invented?

Where television was invented?

The development was taking place in many countries during late 19th and early 20th centuries. By the 1920s, there were more than 40 serious attempts to invent television in the countries like Russia, the USA, Germany, Britain, and Japan.

As many people have worked on the idea it's hard to say, which country has done more than the others.

What is mechanical television?

What is mechanical television?

As you may understand, it's the first TV ever created. This system is based upon mechanical scanning device, such as a rotating disk with holes in it or rotating mirror. It scans the scene and generates video signal. Similar mechanical device at the receiver displays the picture.

With the development of modern technologies, other TV variations have appeared. New television technology usually uses electronic scanning methods, for instance, electron beams in cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions or liquid-crystal displays (LCD), to create and display the picture.

Let’s observe stages of development in general:

  1. Mechanical (1943-1930).
  2. Electronic (1897-1948).
  3. Color (1897-1979).
  4. Digital (1950s-2000s).
  5. Smart (1994-present days).
  6. new television 2016

There are also several new technologies, which are used in TV sets now. One of the most famous ones is 3D. John Baird was a person, who demonstrated stereoscopic 3D television in 1928. The first 3D TV was made in 1935. Nowadays it is still being developed.

The invention of television has become a great step forward for the humanity. Nowadays we can find a TV set in almost every house. We often forget about it, but so many people have made plenty of efforts to make it possible. We can even say the whole world has worked together to invent it. However, nowadays it is difficult to say whether TV is good or bad thing, as many people spend too much time in front of it. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most outstanding achievements of civilization.

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The technology of television was not invented by one person at a time. Based TV is the discovery of the photoelectric effect in selenium, made by Willoughby Smith (eng. Willoughby Smith) in 1873. The invention of a scanning disk by Paul Nipkow in 1884 was the impetus in the development of mechanical television, which was popular until the 1930-ies. Based on the Nipkow disc system was only implemented in 1925 J. Baird in great Britain, Charles Jenkins in the U.S., I. A. Adamyan and independently of L. S. theremin in the Soviet Union.

The first patent for a currently used e-TV has received the Professor of the Petersburg Institute of technology, Boris Rosing, who has applied for patenting a "Method of electrical image transmission" on 25 July 1907. However, he succeeded only on the transmission distance of a still image — in experience from 9 may 1911. And moving image for the first time in the history was referred to the distance on July 26, 1928 in Tashkent inventors Boris Grabovsky and I. F. Belyansky. While the act of Tashkent tram trust, based on which experiments were conducted, shows that the resulting images were rough and unclear, the Tashkent experience can be considered the birth of modern television.

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Television as much as the Internet is trully one of the biggest inventions during all the history of human existence. It gives us a huge list of opportunities - we can travel all over the world, we can see some places where we have no opportunity to travel, we can see the people from the different countries, watch their life and traditions, we can find out the information we want or need. But nowadays the main problem of television is a great amount of unuseful commercial, which makes us to forget about the positive influence of it.

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