How to celebrate leap day

What the hack is the leap day? Find out now and celebrate it with your friends. Have fun!

February 29th is a unique day it is also known around the globe as the Leap Day. You might have seen the Google Doodles with the bunnies dedicated to the 2016 leap day. It’s a cute way to illustrate the idea. One day the February 29th leaps in between the February 28th and March 1st. How to celebrate leap day?

When is leap day

When is leap day?

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Every once in a while we get one extra day a year. It happens every four years. The day is added to the shortest period in the year – February. Usually it has only 28 days, but every fourth year has 29 days in the February.

How do you figure out which year would have the leap day in it? Just divide the year by four. If it is dividable, then it’s the year with the leap day in it. This day occurs in the century year, if it can be divided by 400. Once you get that special day in the year, you call it the Leap year.

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What does leap day mean?

Why do they add this leap day? Well, just because every year has 365 days and a quarter in it. This 0.25 of the day cannot be lost if we wish to stay on the solar calendar and properly count our days, months and years. So, the math is easy here. You just multiply 0.25 by 4 and get a whole extra day once in 4 years! That would be the leap day.

Does leap year have 366 days?

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That is true. Once in 4 years we have the Leap year with +1 day in it. Isn’t it nice? We have another day to praise the Lord and rejoice!

How to celebrate the leap day?

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And why do so? Well, some folks have their birthday on the leap day, so they have reason enough to get it going for the missed 3 years! Some businesses in USA even provide huge discounts on the leap days for those celebrating their birthdays. For instance, Pizza Hut gets you 65 percent off the order on such a day. In USA alone over 200 thousand babies are born on February 29.

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Even if your birthday is not on the leap day, it’s a great reason to throw a party just for fun. You can gather up your friends and celebrate the one extra day and enjoy it. Get some good food and go for it. You can also spend the little extra time you get once in four years to treat yourself. You can get some rest, give yourself extra care, girls might want to go to beauty shop and get fixed just for no reason, but a new and extra day of life.

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Or, you can plan some volunteer work and go out to help someone in trouble. Feed the poor, uplift the downcast. Do good and you would not waste the extra time you get by the grace of God.  


February 29 – leap year day, which happens only once every four years. This day was introduced due to the difference between the earthly and the astronomical calendar. People whose birthday falls on this date, usually celebrate it either on February 28 or March 1, but some people still celebrated it on February 29. Now there are about five million people who celebrate their birthday on such tough rules.

So, in England his eleventh birthday the child, which is technically the same age as his own dad who was born in a leap year. This year an 11-year old Seamus, along with his father James Clark's celebrating a birthday together: ironically the man also celebrating its eleventh festival, which celebrates 29 February.

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