How to determine your baby's gender while pregnant yourself?

Are you a lucky person who is about to become a parent? Find out how you can know for sure if you are having a girl or a boy!

baby's sex

When you are getting ready to have a baby it’s always a very exciting process. Moreover, baby’s sex determination sometimes becomes even more intriguing thing.

Sometimes the couples choose not to find out about the baby’s gender as they want it to be a surprise. However, it becomes very difficult to wait for 9 months.

If you can’t wait anymore and you want to find out who you are going to have, there are a lot of methods that will help you find out the baby’s sex. First of all, ultrasound is the most reliable way to do it.

However, it can also be wrong. That’s when you can use the other old methods of baby’s sex prediction.

Some people tend to think that if woman starts to talk about romance, dancing and music it means that she is having a girl. And if she is all into video games and cars, than the baby is a boy.

It sounds nice but it might be just the hormones playing with your mind.

It’s obvious that predicting baby’s sex during pregnancy wasn’t always as easy as it is now. Long time ago people didn’t have such technology which made the pregnancies go more complicated.

baby's sex

Nowadays we have a lot of opportunities to have a medical care and to find out the baby’s gender and how many kids you are having.

But you can always use the baby’s sex at home test. It certainly won’t give you any guarantees but it you will have a lot of fun determining how your future baby will look like.

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Look at your bump

It works very easy. If it is high enough, you can go to the shop to buy some barbies. If it is low, you will need to get some nice toy cars!

Baby’s sex by heart rate

When you go the doctor, be sure to ask them to check the heart rate of your future baby. Our ancestors believed that if it is higher than 140, it is surely a girl. But if not, be ready to have a son!

Food choices

There is a belief that if you feel like having chocolates and ice cream every single day, it is a girl. If you can’t stop eating chips, it is a boy.

Ask your friends for help!

baby's sex

It is a very funny and weird way to determine baby’s sex. It’s probably not true at all, but you can always try it. You have to ask your friend to drop the key on the table while you are sitting next to them.

And then it all depends how you are going to take it. If it’s the lower part – congratulations with a girl! If not, you are having a boy.

Your appearance

Some people think that if you get some skin problems, it means that your future daughter is taking your natural beauty for herself. However, it’s not absolutely true.

There are a lot of medical factors that make you look worse during pregnancy.

Baby’s sex and morning sickness

There is a belief that if you are throwing up every single day, you are definitely having a girl. If there is nothing like that, you are a lucky mother of a sun.

Ask your pregnant friend

If your friend is getting ready to have a baby, you can help her determine the gender of a baby. For example, you can ask her this question and she will be supposed to answer “yes” or “no”.

If you see that she is blushing, it probably means that the answer is true.

What is a very surprising fact, the research showed that a lot of women feel the gender of their future baby themselves.

baby's sex

Maybe it’s just their intuition as we know that all the feelings of a future mother are a lot more complex than usually. About 70 percent of women, who were asked, predicted the sex of a baby correctly.

It is a very interesting study and the scientists are obviously the ones to trust! But you can still try various ways of finding out the gender of your future baby.

Do it together with your loved one and you will definitely enjoy your time together!


This way of determining a sex of a baby is obviously the best one. It gives you a hundred percent guarantee unless something goes wrong. Moreover, you can see everything yourself.

Maybe you won’t have that much fun as if you were trying the historic methods, but it is still worth it. This way you will know what to buy even before your child is born.

There is no way that the experts can make mistakes. Even though something goes wrong from time to time, this way is still the most accurate.

The doctors can’t see if it is a boy or a girl only if the baby is situated in a way that you can’t see their privates. However, it doesn’t happen that often.

If you doubt, you can always visit the doctor for a second time when the baby grew a little bit more. Ultrasound is definitely the only professional way of predicting the gender of a child.

Is your baby heavy?

There is a saying that you can understand who the woman is going to give birth to just by looking at her. It is a well-known fact that woman’s body changes a lot.

Most of them get extra weight but every pregnant girl still looks different. Those whose tights’ volume increased are more likely to be carrying a girl. But if you feel like you gained weight on your belly, it is probably a boy.

Even though everyone is very excited to find out the sex of a baby, it doesn’t really matter. Having a child is like a miracle and we should be happy anyway!

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