How to draw a rose?

Do you like drawing? Do you know the step by step guide to drawing a rose? Whatever the purposes you seek, you can always learn how to draw a rose!


Rose is a symbol of love for across all continents. There are stories of how noble knights of middle risked their life for a single flower for their bellowed. Essentially, the rose was pictured in many banners, for example, white and red roses of England family clans on which story The Game of Thrones is based. The modern men do not need to fight for these beautiful flowers. Instead, they can just buy it from a local flowers shop or market. Nevertheless, if you truly desire to surprise your beloved it`s highly recommended to provide her something that was draw by your hands. Try to learn how to draw a rose step by step!

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How to draw a Rose with a stem?


 First, you would need to draw a little circle on the paper. It shouldn`t be strict round circle, it`s more like an ellipsis. After that, you would need to add two almost strictly vertical lines from the ends of the ellipsis you have already draw. Connect these two vertical lines but as the connection should be in round shape. That`s how you have drawn the basis of your rose. Around the basis of the rose, you would need to draw few petals. Then, you would need to continue drawing by shaping the centre of the rose with adding the spiral element in its heart. Upon finishing that, you may need to add some more details for shaping the rose by drawing sepals and more detailed elements. You can now draw a stem by putting two vertical lines from the flower and connecting the lines in the end. You are almost done! Just draw some thorns and leaves to get you rose more detailed.

How to draw a Rose blossom?


Another fancy way of drawing a rose is started with S symbol. Upon drawing the S symbol, you would like to start sketching a rose`s petals. The idea is in sketching curly and swirly petals started from the centre of the rose and then you would see the basis. You would need to continue scathing but petals now should be bigger and a lot full looking to provide a bloomed form of the rose. Starting from the right or left, you would need to add last larger petals to the rose. You finally can draw some leaves around the rose. Now you have a full rose blooming and to make it more detailed try to add some shading. It`s worth mentioning that darker shades should be placed in the centre of the rose, while more soft shadows are better situated on the leaves and outside petals.

 How to draw a Rose from the heart?


It`s one of the options on how to draw a rose, apparently, it should be started with drawing a heart first. Upon finishing drawing the heart, you would need to divide it into halves with an ellipsis drawn somewhere higher of the centre of the heart. It will be the basis of your rose, now you would need to draw petals out of this centres. Certainly, more centred details should be pointed in the centre of the rose within the borders of the drawn ellipsis. The larger petals should be drawn around the ellipsis but in the border of the heart. Finally, the heart should take the form of three largest petals. You can now wipe out the remnants of the heart and ellipsis. Upon your wish, you can add some more details to the rose, like leaves, sketch the rose or give more shadows.

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