How to earn on YouTube?

Do you want to make money from air? Use YouTube! Check out the best tips on how to earn money on YouTube! Do not sit there doing nothing! You’ll find all the necessary information here!

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In recent years, more and more people begin to engage in the creation of videos and video blogs with their subsequent placement on the video hosting sites. For some it's just a hobby, for others a way of earning on the Internet. People want to know how to make money from YouTube.

How do you make money on YouTube?

make money on YouTube tips

Now few people know that in addition to a fun hobby it can bring very good money. Let's take a closer look at video hosting YouTube. It is the most popular in the world. It holds millions of videos in which authors have been making money for a long time.

To get maximum benefit from the project, it is necessary to use all possible channels of contact with the client. Fortunately, the business on the Internet gives us a wide scope of opportunities. You have considered YouTube, as an additional source of income? Or maybe you've even been waiting for the huge flow of easy money, laying out the first video on your channel? Of course, high expectations are justified by the serious statistics: YouTube has more than one billion unique users per month - this is a huge audience. But there is a more robust and proven ways to earn money on YouTube, than just waiting.

Here aretop 6 most effective wayshow to make money on YouTube:

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1. Attracting traffic to a blog or website.

If you want to start making money on YouTube, create a channel. I'm serious.

No matter what your topic is, you sell knowledge or physical goods. Even if you are a shop - make video reviews. Your task is to create ‘a special atmosphere’ and win the trust of a potential customer. Do not make the video like ‘buy, buy, buy’. It should be really useful information for the target audience. When a person gets on your channel, where he can find a lot of cool, free information, his credibility strap to you automatically increases. As a result, it is easier to decide on a purchase. That's what happened with GeniusMarketing channel. Many of their customers buy products after studying the video for some time on their channel.

2. Product Promotion via video.

No, I am not possessed by Captain Obvious. I'll explain now. For example, you wrote a book. Record a short video: a greeting, a very brief presentation and 2 chapters in your reading. At the end of the video do not forget the call to action and a link where people can go and buy a product. As it works with any product. Display the first 2 videos of your training. Of course, such selling video stream should be useful with a free content.

3. Sale of products for the affiliate program.

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Acting as a browser or a third-party expert, you can sell products of other companies or experts on affiliate programs, while receiving your commission. Doing such reviews, once you kill three birds with one stone – you are increasing its expertise, increasing its popularity due to figuring more famous names and making money.

4. Making your own show

Do you like to tell stories? YouTube allows people to create their own web show. You are limited only by your imagination and budget. You can create a series of training, comedy, educational reality show. Remember that YouTube limits videos to 15 minutes long. To upload longer videos, you'll need to increase your limit.

So you will be able to make extra money on advertising.

At the moment there are 4 ways of earning on advertising:

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  •  Linking to the customer site in the description of the video. The basic condition that must be followed precisely - such advertising must comply with video theme.
  •  Placing Google Adsense contextual advertising in the video. This is a text message that is displayed for a while often at the bottom of the video. For such ads a person needs an account in Adsense, where you should allow display of such information.
  •  Placement of banner advertising on the channel page. The size of such advertising is 300x250. You pay either per click or per thousand of impressions.
  • Placement of commercials before or after the video. This type is paid only if a user watches 30 seconds of commercials.

5. Monetize video on the YouTube Partner Program.

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Have created a good video? You can start making money with YouTube on their affiliate program. All you need to do is to include channel in the monetization program. So you can get your share from YouTube advertising revenue. In addition, like any YouTube bright personality, you can earn money for every thousand views.

The first step toward monetizing is Channel confirmation. You can do this here.

6. Check the product: ‘genius’ and fundraising.

YouTube is an amazing resource. It offers great opportunities for market research.

For example, you come up with a brilliant idea, a product that you believe will win millions of hearts. Excellent. Now, create some videos. Tell about your idea, model it. The first thing you need is to pay attention to comments. So you will easily understand how the idea really is. Second, if the idea is really interesting, you can start collecting pre-orders and advance payment, which can be put on the implementation of the idea, and later even earn well.

How much can you earn with YouTube?

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Billionth audience brings YouTube creators multi-million dollar revenues. However, how much you can earn on your videos? Website YouTube clips pays authors 50% (0or more) of the income from advertising.

For example, if 10,000 people have viewed the video 10 went on an advertising link, clicking on which is $ 0.6, total income - $ 6. Site gets $ 3 and gives you $ 3. Thus, over 100,000 views can bring you $ 330 and a million - $ 3300. However, not every click is worth $ 0.6: minimum bet is $ 0.01 and the maximum is not limited. If you wish to receive more than 75% of advertising revenue, it is necessary to enter into a special partnership program.

Of course, the highest income goes to video creators with millions of views. The average sum is about $ 500-1000 from only one video. There are already quite a lot of such users whose income tends to millions of dollars on this site. A striking example is the well-known Ray William Johnson, having (at the time of writing this article) 10,684,442 subscribers.

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Due to the entertainment videos, the total number of Ray William Johnson channel views is 2,625,166,374.

With 854 clips on the channel he adds 1-2 more every week. Approximate channel earnings for all time of existence is 0.6 x $ 2,625,166,374: 1000 = $ 1,575,099, monthly income - $ 262,516. Thus, after 6 years of activity in the YouTube channel he is a millionaire author, doing what he likes.

Apart from the huge income, there are several additional advantages: firstly, Ray William Johnson gets additional PR due to his comedic talent, and secondly - passive income is earned. Video collects more and more views, bringing the channel new subscribers without any intervention of the author.

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The most important advantage of the earnings on YouTube is that the business, which began with interesting innovative ideas can develop and generate considerable income without your constant interference. The greatest demand is to make entertaining commercials, but this is not mandatory condition for popularity. For any subject there is an audience: the popular ‘letsplay’ overview videos, instructions, training videos, etc...

Focusing on the YouTube website trends, as well as analyzing their ideas and opportunities, anyone is absolutely free to create a successful video channel. Of course, at first glance, it may seem that this is confusing and complicated. In fact, to understand how to earn money on YouTube is much easier than creating an interesting channel and gathering an audience.  All information about the YouTube video sharing partner network is on the site YouTube. Everything is very detailed and clearly written. There is also a video for clarity.

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 A few words about the high level of earnings on YouTube. There is a man, his name is Shane Dawson, he is an American. It is one of the most successful, with the earnings perspective, YouTube users in the world. For a year he managed to earn more than three hundred thousand dollars (at the time of 2013, now it is probably already half a million). Just imagine - it's just for the ability to create interesting videos. Here is what can YouTube give you! However, a lot of people do not like his videos. But the main thing here is not that, the man is jiving in front of the camera uploading these shootings on YouTube and does not live in poverty, essentially doing nothing. He doesn’t work somewhere in mine for a wooden penny.

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