How to get rid of wasps?

Nature has its own rules and laws. Live nature can be both useful and harmful. When summer comes we usually ask this question because wasps are everywhere. Sometimes they may be dangerous.


Wasps can be useful in the garden - they pollinate flowers, but bring a lot of inconveniences when a nest develops near your home or on the balcony. If so happens, you have no choice how to get rid of wasps. There are ways of protection against wasps in the house and on the street. Just follow the article and find the method which may be suitable for you.

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The easiest and the most direct way to kill a wasp in a single instance is to slap it with a fly swatter. However, it has its disadvantages, as there is a risk of being stung by the wasp, trying to defend yourself.


Vacuum cleaner

If a wasp is weak and crawls slowly, you can get rid of it with the help of a vacuum cleaner or get it out of the house with a broom. But this method is suitable in the early spring when the wasps begin to emerge from hibernation. They are usually slow and sluggish; they are easier to catch.

How to get rid of wasps around food

Flowers, food, and drinks can attract wasps. You can get rid of uninvited freeloaders, hide food containers and drink (alcohol included) or close them firmly. Remove the flower vase from the dinner table away. If you are using sweet or floral perfumes, shampoo, lotion, and soap, then there will be a lot of wasps around you.


Homemade insecticide

Make your homemade remedy for wasps with essential oil of peppermint.

Mix 2 cups of water with 30 drops of peppermint essential oil in the atomizer. This spray will save you from wasps and their nests. The tool is harmless and can be applied to the skin if you are overwhelmed by wasps.

Soap solution

Mix 2-4 tbsp (30-60 ml) of shampoo or liquid soap with hot water (500 ml) spray bottle. The combination of these two components will instantly kill the wasps when you spray this solution directly on them. The soap coats the wasps and dehydrates them.


Spray against Wasps

The chemical industry produces such tools. They are quite useful in dealing with wasp nests and the wasps that have settled in hard to reach areas of your home, for example, in the slot. A large number of agents are sprayed into the groove or slit. After about an hour wasps die, but be careful - some may still be alive, no need to touch them with hands. Many insecticides are toxic to humans and if used incorrectly are dangerous to the environment.


How to get rid of wasps in the garden

Buy a trap and place it in the location of the high congestion of the wasps. Periodically it must be replaced by a new one as soon as it is filled. The bait contains chemicals that smell good for the wasps. Traps must be located as far as possible from the residential premises.

Cut a 2-liter plastic bottle across. One-half bottle (which is neck) should be much smaller, and the second (bottom) should be deeper. In half of the bottle (with the bottom), pour the sugar water, a sweet drink or put a piece of meat. The neck of the bottle around the edges, wipe with vegetable oil. Insert half of the bottle (which is neck) in the second half (bottom) upside down. The trap is ready. It can be hung, having the edges of the holes for the cord.

Before emptying the trap, freeze it, or fill it with boiling water to kill any remaining living wasps.


How to get rid of wasp's nest

Wasps are conservative insects, even if you hit and destroy their nest, soon on this site or nearby can be formed newly. But it is better to destroy the nest. Tightly tie a plastic bag around the nest and leave it for some time under the sun. Or cover the slot with the fabric, tie in a knot and dip it in the water.

Get rid of the nest, preferably at night when the wasps are less active. Try to do everything in the dark, because light flashlight wasps will respond promptly.

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