How to increase my buttocks?

How to increase buttocks? Interested how to do it just in 1 minute? Read our article and find out useful tips for bigger buttocks!


It’s a dream of every lady to have sexy buttocks. We know some tips which will help you to make your butt bigger. Some of them require time, but some will help you to make your butt hotter just in one minute! Are you ready to have the sexiest butt in Nigeria?

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1.    Get butt enhancing shapewear or padding. 

sexy butt

This became very popular nowadays and will do a miracle with your butt just in 1 minute!

  • You can try shapewear that lifts without major padding. Also, you can get padded inserts designed to enhance your butt when you wear jeans and pants. This shapewear will increase your butt immediately! Choose the size very properly and consider the look you want to achieve.
    sexy butt
  • Some jeans are sold with butt enhancers sewn in. Look for jeans or leggings that have a little extra padding.
  • If you don't want to spend extra money on it, then try making your own padding. You can use the foam filler or the batting material used to fill pillows and quilts.

2.    Cinch up your waist.

sexy butt

This tip is the fastest and the cheapest one. Emphasizing a small waist will make your bottom look bigger by proportion. Try these tips to attract attention to your butt:

  • Use a girdle. This advice is good if you have a little more girth than you'd like around your middle. Girdle will push the excess from your tummy down around your hips and butt. They can be found in lingerie stores.
    sexy butt
  • Wear a belt over your waist. Use a medium to large width belt, and tie it around the tiniest part of your waist.  You can do it over whatever shirt you're wearing. However, this looks best over button-down shirts, loose blouses, or sweaters. Try using a dark-colored belt over a light shirt for extra emphasis.
  • Don't wear horizontal stripes or patterns around your waist. It will emphasize your tummy and make it look bigger. Instead, stick to dark, solid colors on top. It will make your butt look huge and sexy!

3.    Pick the right pants.

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The right pair of jeans will seemingly transform your butt, making it appear round and perky. Think about following tricks next time:

  • Look at pocket placement. Small, high back pockets will make your butt larger. In addition, pockets with embellishments such as stitching, sequins,  or colored thread can add more interest and "direct traffic" (or draw the eye) to your buttocks. Avoid jeans with big pockets or no pockets at all.
    sexy butt
  • Keep the fit tight.  Skinny jeans or jeggings are ideal for showing off your butt. If you don't think that this is a good idea, try bootcut or regular jeans with a fitted rear.
  • Try high-waisted jeans — the top of the pants should fit around the slimmest part of your waist, making it look small, and your butt appears bigger. Nevertheless, wearing low-rise jeans with a fitted shirt can also give the illusion of a bigger rear. They should hit at the widest part of your hips.
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  • Avoid dark wash jeans, which will make your legs and rear look smaller (especially if you're wearing a light-colored top). Instead, try white, pastel, or light blue jeans.

4. Try sports that build your leg and buttocks muscles

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It shouldn’t be the hard workout. Just choose that kind of sport that you like and enjoy yourself!   You can go in for running, cycling, swimming, gymnastics, skiing, volleyball, soccer, field hockey, cheerleading.

5.    Eat right food

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You need protein to make your butt bigger. There is a common misconception that eating more protein or drinking protein shakes is only for bodybuilders. This could not be further from the truth. If you are exercising and trying to grow your butt, the amount of protein you require will increase as protein lays down the building blocks for growth.

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Overall, every person on this planet requires protein rich foods for optimal health. In fact, most people who aren’t working out or trying to grow would still benefit from increasing their protein consumption. You need just choose right sources of protein. Don’t buy pure protein in shops; they are not good for health.

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6. Do exercise

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It will take just 5 minutes a day. Watch the video and just do it! And you will see the result very soon.

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