How to make a homemade mosquito trap?

Have mosquitoes ever bothered you? Do you know how to protect yourself from mosquitoes? Are you aware of how to make a homemade mosquito trap? Check up this article to consider everything in details.

A dnagerous mosquito

At summer time homemade mosquito trappers are the most useful devices at any house or apartment. This type of insects bothers people very much. Thus, before we tell you about the best method to fight mosquitoes at your house, we would like to share the following interesting facts and figures about these insects.

Interesting facts about mosquitoes

  • Mosquitoes appeared in the Jurassic era more than 177 million years ago. There are over 3100 species of mosquitoes living in the Arctic tundra and the tropical rainforests. At the same time all kinds of mosquitoes go into an active state at a temperature of 12.7 degrees Celsius, so their highest concentration can be observed in warm and moist forests, swamps, and dry deserts.
  • Mosquitoes are most active at night and twilight. At day time mosquitoes usually rest hiding in houses and plants, as at this time of a day they are food for other species.
  • Mosquitoes can be of various sizes, up to 12.5 mm. Just imagine: Fossil mosquitoes reached 5 centimeters in length!
  • Mosquitoes do not bite. They suck. To drink the whole blood from a single human, 1,200,000 mosquitoes are required. Of course, these are theoretical calculations, because in this case a human will die from painful shock.
  • The experiment in the Canadian tundra showed that people with bare hands, feet and torso get 9,000 mosquito bites in a minute get. In such a situation a person can lose half of the blood in an hour.

Asian tiger mosquito

Mosquitoes are carriers of dangerous diseases:

  • Malaria;
  • Yellow fever;
  • Dengue;
  • Some types of encephalitis.

Please note that malaria is the cause of death of about two million people a year. Mosquito bites also cause allergies and itching.

Ugly and dangerous mosquito

Despite the fact that everyone dreams of that mosquitoes disappeared forever from our planet, it cannot be allowed. Many plants and animals simply will not survive without mosquitoes. As a result, humanity will overtake environmental disaster. For example, mosquito larvae are the only source of feed during cold summer for the majority of the northern birds in the Arctic.

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How to protect oneself from mosquitoes?

We offer you an interesting and easy way to deal with these annoying bloodsuckers. A real mosquito trap that works can be made by your own using the simplest materials at hand. It is absolutely safe mean for human health for mosquito control.

This method has been used recently not only at home but also in public places. Last year, Dubai Municipality replaced the chemicals against mosquitoes to this environmentally friendly analogue.

To make mosquito trap homemade, you will need:

  • Two-liter plastic bottle;
  • Black paper;
  • Cooking thermometer;
  • Knife;
  • Scotch;
  • One cup of sugar;
  • Three glasses of water;
  • One tablespoon of dry yeast.

How to make a homemade mosquito trap?

homemade mosquito trapper

  1. Take a knife and cut the top of the bottle at the point where it starts expanding downwards;
  2. Insert the cut tip of the bottle neck down;
  3. Secure the edges of the resulting crater with a scotch;
  4. Pre-cook the sugar syrup. Melt the sugar in a glass of boiled water. Then mix the resulting solute with two glasses of cold water. After that you need to be sure to check the temperature of the fluid by using a thermometer. Please note that the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Then add yeast in water, but not stir the resulting mixture.
  5. Pour the mixture into the bottle;
  6. Wrap the bottle with black paper;
  7. Put the homemade mosquito trapper in a dark corner of the room.

homemade mosquito trapper

Please note that the syrup should be changed once in every two weeks.

A mosquito is biting

Homemade mosquito trap vinegar is one of the mosquito trap yeast alternatives.

What else?

Now you know how to make mosquito trap yeast at home. This method is effective enough, and the syrup is much cheaper than various insect means which can be bought in stores. But you also need to remember the following: The proper selection of clothing and careful use of repellents can help you protecting from mosquito bites, making warm summer evenings both pleasant and comfortable.

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