How to make money from Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Make a lot of cash using Amazon Mechanical Turk. What is it? Can a Nigerian try it? Check out the step-by-step guide here right now! You can start making money today!

How to make money

Sometimes it happens that there is no time for full-time job, so people look for something fast and profitable. Especially it is important for students. Therefore, we paid attention to the service Amazon Mechanical Turk or Mturk.

The service is developed by Amazon, which owns the largest online-store www.amazon.com. Not so long ago the company decided to expand the offered services and now took up the development of web services for developers. Murk is one of them. The project is now working as a beta version, but according to the developers, it is fully functional and will not change much in the future. The service basic principle is simple: to perform simple tasks and earn money. There are many tasks that people (almost regardless of their skills) solve better than any computer. For example, you want to select a beautiful picture or slogan. Or write a simple algorithm that the machine will not be able to come up with.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk provides an excellent opportunity to earn money by performing simple tasks. Mturk solves the problem of those people who want to earn money in their spare time, offering a service through which you can do it at any time and in any place. In order to create a team of professionals who will work on the solution of the problem, to create a group of professionals, companies need a lot of time and money. For businessmen and entrepreneurs Mturk enables quick assignments, thanks to already operating network users.

Just want to mention that companies that can post their jobs on the site Mturka must have a real account in an American bank. That is, our companies, at least for now, will not be able to participate. But wanting to make money, doing the job, it does not limit anything, except, perhaps, the age limit to 18 years old, although in fact it will not be checked and student can work there too.

Mechanical Turk Amazon. Step-by-step guide

Amazon Mechanical Turk guide

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Home page http://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome of the service greeted you with a characteristic cap site in the style of Amazona projects. Soft lines, blue color. In the middle you can find a description of a process task in 3 steps. Search - execution - remuneration. The search is on the top. Slightly above - 3 main tabs: Home, Your Account and Qualifications.

Here it is necessary to digress about the qualifications. Each company, which places the job on the site, may select or specify the required qualifications of the performer, to allow him to fulfill the task.

When you create a task, you can select preset Mturk-ohm restrictions, such as the percentage of successful executions, etc. And you can create your own test questions that a person will need to pass in order to gain access to the job. Test is created by the customer as he wishes, then the answers to the test are checked and those who pass it well, open access to the job.

Mechanical Turk

So, on the qualifications page there is a list of all qualifications with the description of the tasks for which they are needed. You can go through the general qualifications that give access to those jobs for which the customer has chosen the preset limits. There is information for each test, how many people have already passed it.

So you go to the job page, choose what you can try to do. Here you see only 6 tasks. With each task there is given a description, where it is written, how much of a fee you can get, who the customer is, how much time is left before the expiry of the order, the time to perform the tasks and required qualifications.  

What is the time for performing task? When a person decides to take an order for execution, the order ceases to be visible to others, it shall be considered adopted. It will remain assigned to you as long as time for its implementation isn’t over. If you have missed and did not perform the job, then it is returned to the general list, and you count non-compliance, your ranking in the system falls. Here, everyone has a rating in the performance of the tasks; it increases, because of failure it accordingly falls.

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Each task can be represented by a series of similar tasks, for example, to answer questions and there are 50 of them in the job. This information is also displayed in the task information, ‘HITs Available’ column (HIT - is a task). Payment for task may trouble you. 1 cent for the answer to a question or $ 5 for writing software script... It may seem very little. But maybe, just all the good jobs have already been taken by users and they're just not displayed to you. For example, you choose the job from ‘Amazon Requester Inc’, where you have to answer a few questions.

But first you need to log in. You have no account, so you select the ‘New User’. You will be redirected to the website www.amazon.com. That account of Amazon is needed for working with Mturk. The registration form will not create you any unusual problems, everything is standard. Address, your phone, etc. And here it is necessary to write your real data, Amazon is working with the whole world, there is nothing to hide, it is best to fill as it is, so you can make it easier to enter or withdraw money.

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To start the task you need to click on the link ‘View a HIT in this group’ in the upper right corner of the job description of the table. Here, for example, I just opened the first question: What is the cost of natural gas. It was necessary to link to the site with the information or the phone company that sells gas at a price that I has written, and describe the response. As I was warned that only standing links and good answers will be paid, I decided to start answering, I clicked on the button ‘Accept HIT’, however, it was possible to give up and skip this question, move on to another one by clicking on ‘Skip HIT’.

After I accepted the task to carry out, to overload the page, and in the upper left corner the timer appeared. There was 20 minutes for the response, but this timer did not give any comfort, of course. In the upper right corner you can see the number of approved jobs and earned money. When I answered the question, I sent it for review by clicking on the ‘Submit HIT’. I also could refuse to perform by clicking on the button ‘Return HIT’ at any time. Now we have to wait for verification.

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You can also get the answer about the result later, logging in your account. The account has a ‘Dashboard’ section (the link is located in the upper-right corner, next to your name, last name). This section shows all the statistics about your activities in the system.

My question was accepted and even the deposit money immediately came to my account, it took about 4 hours. Now the other question arises, what to do with these funds on Amazon account.

There are several options. The most simple is to buy something from their shop, they deliver things to all countries. The second option is to withdraw. Output can be to your credit card. Amazon works with all popular cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Dinners Club.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

At the end I want to note that in general, the service has left a good impression, however reward is rather small. Those amounts of money can really work only for students and schoolchildren. Although we still have only popular ‘Clicking on banners’ and Mturk pay more, and the work is not difficult and makes the brain work. In addition, when the project will be officially launched, customers can give a start to spread more tasks, good and different.

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