How to persuade a stubborn person?

Dealing with a stubborn person can be very difficult and exhausting. But if get to know a person more, accept his feelings and emotions, it would be much easier to get on with him. Then you can encourage him to join to you side of view. In this article you will discover how to persuade a stubborn person.


It is very important to be able to persuade someone, even if it is a stubborn person. Stubborn means a person who doesn’t listen to opinions of other people. A stubborn person thinks he’s always right. But even arrogant and stubborn people can be persuaded, so there are some tips how to deal with such people.

Start with a compliment. While talking to stubborn people, encourage them by saying pleasant words, like compliments first. Just confirm it is genuine and never lie about your feelings.

Appreciate their ideas. All people are pleased to hear that someone shares their position and appreciate their opinion. There is no need to say that their concept is completely bad or silly. Even if you against it, don’t criticize the whole position. Say something for the benefit of it and then suggest a better idea instead.

Stubborn as a donkey

Negotiate or compromise. Making arrangements with a stubborn person can improve your relationship and help to persuade him to agree without fully losing ground. If the person is absolutely stubborn, it would be almost impossible to convince him to follow your plan completely, but you can meet him halfway.

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Divide information. It’s better to divide your information into several groups. Don’t overload a person from the beginning. Try to convince him that your opinion is important, than tell some details about it. Little segment are easier to agree with and understand.

Stay calm. If you want to persuade a stubborn person, then you can't let emotions lose your mind. You should never lose control. Breathe deeply and calm down, think about pleasant things or benefits of your deal. There will be more chance to be heard by a stubborn person if you look calm and controlled, but never angry or furious.

Senseless stubborn

Be patient. Managing with a stubborn person can be frustrating. It requires sometime to truly persuade him, to find a key to his mind. It won't happen quickly and easy, learn to wait. 

Never say a person about his stubbornness. That’s the last thing he wants to hear. Then you will lose the last chance to deal with him.

Find common ground. Common interests always bring people together. If a person understands that you both think in the same direction, he will more likely listen to your words and accept your point of view.

Be confidence. Confidence is a key while dealing with stubborn people. If you doubt in your idea, how can you persuade someone believe in it? At first, you must feel completely confidence about your plans, only in this case you will have chance to persuade other people to join to you.

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