How to stop procrastinating?

Sometimes we all have those days when you can’t make yourself stop procrastinating and study or work. But we know several effective methods of how to stop procrastinating and start working. Keep reading to learn how.

how to stop procrastinating and start studying

We hear a lot of people complain that they often cannot stop procrastinating and get back to work or study process. That is a common problem many people have, and often the main reason for procrastination is not in your character but rather in an inability to plan your time wisely.

First of all, let’s start with the meaning of procrastinating. The Cambridge Dictionary defines procrastination as a process of delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or annoying. Meanwhile, Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines procrastination as a state in which a person is slow or late about doing something that should be done: to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc.

Hopefully, you got a bigger picture of what procrastination really is from the definitions above. Probably now you think: “That’s me! That’s what I do! I can’t stop procrastinating!” Well, you are no the only one who thinks he cannot do it. It is not true, though. You are not a lazy person (hopefully), but rather a victim of lack of self-organization. Correct time-planning and task-management will help you get back on track, stop procrastinating and start studying or working. Here are the ways we think might help you in this struggle.

I can't stop procrastinating

First of all, as Merriam-Webster Dictionary showed, procrastination is often a state in which a person is postponing something boring, not willing to deal with it at the moment. The psychologists say that people are reluctant to do tasks they find too overwhelming. Sometimes we feel like dealing with certain things at our work or in the studying process is way more than we can take. Then you should break this piece of work into small pieces. As one of the psychologists illustrated it,  think of writing a book.

If you are going to write a book, this process might seem so unbelievably complicated and huge that you subconsciously will postpone it. However, if you break it into bearable pieces like “coming up with the topic”, “writing the general outline”, “coming up with the title”, “writing chapters 1 to 10” and “revision”, the work will seem easier and you will be more likely to pick it up. I don’t know much about writing books, so maybe that’s not how you are supposed to break the work while doing it, but I hope you got the main idea.

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The second thing you should use to stop procrastinating is changing your environment.  Where do you usually work or study? Does this place encourage you to stay focused and do your best or do you feel like sleeping instead? If you know that you have a tendency to procrastinate make sure to work in to work in the environment that does not make you feel like sleeping or grabbing a favorite book and read it instead of working hard. Probably, if you do not work or study at the office or a library, you can as well try going to the co-working hub or other places where you pay for the time you stay in there. Knowing that are paying for the time, might be a good motivator to work hard and do the job faster.

ways to stop procrastinating

The tip number three is to be very specific when setting your goals for the working day. Remember that having just one major deadline is not helpful. You will always feel like you still have time to do everything on time (and that in most cases are a huge lie of a procrastinator). People were wondering about how to stop procrastinating and start studying or working, should take time and specify short deadlines for each stage of the work or research project. Make sure to stick to those deadlines and remember that if you don’t stick to them, you might as well not finish the work on time.

People familiar with the matter state that understanding of the urgency often pushes us to be more diligent in our work. Otherwise, we don’t feel entirely responsible, and that is why might procrastinate instead of working.

The other ways to stop procrastinating is by eliminating things that steal your focus. If you know, you have the tendency to procrastinate in the most responsible moments, make sure to create an atmosphere in which you will have no access to things that take your time while working. You can close your social network profiles or even delete them if that does not seem like something extreme to you. Do not sit close to a bookshelf if you are a bookworm and have an inclination of reading when all you need to do is study.

ways to stop procrastinating humor

What else to do to stop procrastinating? You can try being around people that do not waste their time. Avoid companies that do not trigger you or at least inspire you to keep moving. Set goals and look for individuals with the same goals and a desire to achieve the most in their area of expertise. You might not have too many inspiring people in your immediate circle, but there are also people that will help you move online. I mean, start looking for famous people that achieved a lot in the area you want to be successful in. Read their articles, listen to their talks and get inspired. The time you spend reading to their blogs will help you achieve more than if you waste that time on scrolling down the social network feed.

You know your mother always told you to stop bragging? Well, forget it! Sometimes sharing your ambitions, no matter how big they are with your friends is helpful. This way you will be accountable to someone, and this person can ask you questions next time you meet. This will give you a feeling of responsibility and urgency to finish doing what you are doing and do it in the best way possible.

how to stop procrastinating and start studying

Another way of being accountable is by asking people you are close with to ask you questions as you move toward your goal. This might sound artificial, but this method is working! For instance, if you share some goals with your friends on the social network, they might not ask you about the success on the way to achieving that goal later. But if you offer them such an opportunity, be sure that they will not miss the chance.

Sometimes people tend to procrastinate if their goals are not topical or no longer seem important. That is why trainers recommend re-clarifying your goals once in a while as a way to stop procrastinating. Make sure you still need to do what you are doing; if not, just drop the task and set new goals that will keep you motivated and willing to move forward.

And invite a friend to join your project. Having someone to do a task with is always motivational, especially if the person you are working with a go-getter and a natural leader. Work as a team, share the tasks and walk down this path together. If you have a buddy to work with, I guarantee that you will stop procrastinating and will stay motivated longer than always.

So these are the ways how to stop procrastinating and start studying and working. Use them and make sure your working habits comply with these rules. And good luck on your own way to success in your beginnings!

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