How to tell is someone's lying to you? – Top 10 sings

Want to detect so detect someone is lying to you? It’s very easy! Discover the top tips to tell when someone is lying. You’ll see it works!

terrible liar

In everyday life, we lie all the time. And lies can be small and very large. Someone just deceiving customers in the store, and someone creates huge lies, which may destroy people’s lives. So how to detect someone lying? Is there any psychological liar detector? Yes, there is! And now you’ll see top sings of someone lying.

Some people are lying because of the boredom, some - to hide their true nature, and for someone lying is just a bad habit. And to distinguish truth from false is very simple in most cases!

So if you want to understand when a person is lying - we will help you to figure it out! Tips to tell someone lying.

pinocchio lies

1. Honest person constantly uses lots of gestures. After all, just so he can throw out all his emotions and stir up the other person.

2. Liar on the contrary is  trying not to gesticulate, as he is aware well that the wrong gesture may betray him. And when a person is lying, he tries to void all the gestures or movements.

3. When a person is lying he tries to abstract from the interlocutor, hiding behind a desk or computer.

4. If you want to know which person is lying, look at the number of touches to his face. Liars do it much more often.

5. Also, the liar is wagging something in his hands all the time, for example: a pen, a piece of paper, tie, hair, etc. Although this gesture is not worth too much attention, because there are plenty of nervous people, who always spin or twist something.

stop lying

6. Very often lie to people needs some time out – to drink a cup of coffee, to smoke or begin to cough. During these short breaks, a person has time to think about the next lie.

7. Often when people lie, they deviate from the person they talk with or give a little hug to themselves.

8. Also during the conversation, a liar can sharply move away and his gestures can become closed.

9. Usually liars are tense.

10. Finding out whether the person is lying may be easy due to the details. Typically, more detailed questioning makes liars begin to get confused, become nervous and confess in lying.

woman liar

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By the way, there is a very helpful book ‘Psychology of lies’, by Paul Ekman. You can learn much more in details: how quickly and easily to identify the lying person looking at his behavior, facial expressions and gestures. However, only one gesture cannot say it’s the truth or a lie. Probably 95% of the lies are very difficult and accompanied by some other symptoms. Let's check them out.

So how do you know that person is lying? Interesting features:

bad liar

1. Role-playing games

The liar plays the desired role: he shows how happy and joyful he is, thereby hiding the truth. If you see an insincere behavior of the person, you can be sure - he's lying. As an example of this behavior can be two girlfriends, when one admires another’s blouse. In fact, the blouse can be so disgusting, that the first one hates it and even glad her friend looks terrible.

2. A fool

In this case, a liar can pretend he does not understand the subject matter. As a result, the opponent does not know what to ask a liar, so the last one breathes a sigh of relief

3. Guilt

Often liars use guilt and turn the situation out in their favor.

4. The best defense – attack

What can we say here? In order not to reveal the truth, liar begins to blame the interlocutor in all kinds of sins. Crushed by guilt the interlocutor immediately stops to search the truth.

5. Justification

detect a liar

In this case, it will be everyone’s fault but not a liar’s one. The liar will constantly justify himself in every possible way and blame someone.

6. Amnesia

To avoid commenting any situation the liar can get (for no apparent reason) amnesia. In one moment he can forget about the essence of the event and begins to behave as a fool.

7. Call to God

In the moments when the liar has nothing to say in his own defense, he starts to worry and hide behind religion. He will claim to be a deeply religious man and his religion would not allow him to act one way or another.

8. Cajolery

signs of lie

But this method is used by all, without exception, people, who are willing to becloud someone's mind and distract him from the main subject.

9. Pointless

By all means liar will try to avoid answering the questions. He can find a lot of work to occupy himself with, but only to avoid answering. Indeed, if he starts answering it is necessary to lie and entangled in his lies even more!

10. Bluff

bluff for liar

A lot of women use this method to detect lie. They say ‘Honey, don’t you want to tell me something?’ Every person who hides something doesn’t fell bluff. He becomes nervous and intense, thinking he is exposed.

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