How to use lemon for your beauty hacks?

Can you imagine that you don’t use a simple lemon in maximum? Do you know about its efficient? We have some beauty hacks for you with the usage of lemon. Read this article and learn everything about the fruity beauty!


1. Daily detox

Real beauty starts from the inside, especially from freeing the body from toxins. The lemon in this process is a great partner: it stimulates the saliva and gastric juice flow, has a tonic effect on the liver, stimulating the bile secretion. Lemon breaks down fats and slows the increase of sugar content in blood; also, it contains vitamin C, pectin, calcium and plenty of antioxidants.

A wonderful way to a daily cleansing of the body is to drink every morning a large mug of warm (but not hot, to save the vitamins!) water, adding the freshly squeezed lemon juice. If the flavor seems too sharp, add a bit of honey.

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2. Cleansing

Lemon juice is not rich only in vitamins and valuable nutrients; it also has cleansing and moisturizing properties and promotes exfoliation of dead skin cells. To cope with the "black dots" and other minor defects, you can simply cut a lemon in half and rub into the face skin, and after five minutes wash with warm water. It's very simple!


3. Smooth skin

Dark spots or marks (scars) left by acne — lemon can also cope with such women problems. Dermatologists’ researches have confirmed that substances, which are contented in lemon, help to smooth skin scarring and after lemon essential oils exposure to the skin it begins to assimilate vitamins and heals faster.

To verify this, soak a cotton ball in fresh lemon juice and clean the problem areas and then rinse all with the water. After some time, the skin texture will be smoother.

4. Beautiful nails

Mix three tablespoons of olive oil with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and take a bath for hands. As a result, thanks to the fruit, the nails will look brighter and cleaner, and skin including cuticles will become softer thanks to the nourishing action of olive oil.


5. Smooth elbows

Since lemon can be used as a gentle exfoliating agent for the skin, it is definitely suitable for dry, daily subjected to friction and stretching the skin of our elbows. Prepare a simple scrub by mixing baking soda and lemon juice until soft state, gently rub into the rough surface areas on elbows, then rinse with water, dry and apply a moisturizing cream.

6. Fresh head

To establish the normal head moisture, toning it and revitalizing the blood circulation, prepare a homemade lotion by mixing equal proportions of lemon juice and ginger, water and olive oil. Apply the mixture on the head, hold (it may dry out), and then, as usual, wash the hair with shampoo.

7. Bronzer correction

It may be that in the cloudy winter months, your hand itself will be pulled to the bottle of bronzer. Of course, the lemon will come to the rescue in this case. Or rather, a half of a part of it: clean the place where the spots and stripes are formed until they disappear!


8. Natural deodorant

An unpleasant smell can catch you anywhere; you are just in a cramped and stuffy bus in the rush hour and all, no matter how carefully you washed in the morning, and you can already smell like sweat. If you are not able to use a deodorant or take a shower, a lemon slice will save you any time. Just wipe the armpits with it; this will save you from an unpleasant smell most of the time, but this time will be enough to at least change your shirt!

Useful properties of lemon help us to maintain our health and beauty, vitality and energy.

Indian yogis believe lemon is a universal remedy to maintain health. They say: "Each person should accustom himself to eat at least one lemon a day or to drink a juice of one lemon."

We recommend you to use these tips, because they offer not only usage of this wonderful fruit, but guarantee great results! Be healthy and beautiful!

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