Is Hausa available among Facebook language options?

Did you know that Facebook added a new language? You would be excited to know that The Hausa Language now joins Facebook.

Hausa Language

The Hausa language is a native language to more than thirty-five millions of people. It`s broadly used in countries like Nigeria, Niger or Chad. Moreover, the representatives of these ethnic group are also regular users of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg might have listened to desires of the users of his product and recently decided to add one more language to the Facebook. It`s a new feature that provides to watch and listen not only Hausa movies and music but also translates the whole page into The Hausa language. It seems that by adding new language to the roaster, Facebook CEO may have an additional army of users from West Africa.

Hausa people

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If you desire to change English into The Hausa language, you would need to follow several steps. The first step is to click on settings bottom. Then you would need to select the “Language Options”. After that, choose the “Hausa” on the left menu bar. After that, you are right to go to explore Facebook in The Hausa language. Hausa users expressed excitement after seeing their language added to the others. Now they can freely browse pages of their friends with using the language of their ethnic group. Moreover, it does not simply translate the page, and it also gives the capability for other people to translate from The Hausa language with Translate Facebook.

Hausa facebook

Facebook provides more opportunities for ethnic groups by adding languages. In the same time, it gives the biggest social network additional audience from the tongue and also extra credits for convenience in this social network. Hausa audience was excited that Mark Zuckerberg added this language to the option. It seems that Facebook does not desire to stop on this and accept more challenges from languages. Moreover, their Translate Facebook can overcome one of the most used online translating resources like Google translate.


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