Is head transplantation possible?

Can they do the head transplantation surgery? Learn the news now.

head transplantation

The first head was performed back in 1908 on a dog. Since that time scientists have made several attempts of transplanting animals’ heads. They used mainly dogs and monkeys. These days we hear rumors of possible human head transplantation surgery. Is it true?

Can head transplantation be done?

Theoretically it is possible. However, officially none one has ever done it yet. The animals did not live long after the head transplant surgeries. They were not able to move and died shortly afterwards. The surgery can be done only through beheading.

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The first man who agreed to try it is Valery Spiridonov from Russia. The man is 31 and he is in the wheelchair. The disease called Werdnig-Hoffman is killing him and he cannot walk or move. The young guy hopes to get a new working body and live a happy life. His condition is lethal, so he has not much to lose.

The doctor who may perform the first head transplantation surgery is named by people Dr. Frankenstein. His real name is Dr. Sergio Canavero. Both the patient and the doctor understand that the consequences are unpredictable and the successful outcome is doubtful. Still, September of 2016 may become the date of the first human head transplant in the history.

If something goes wrong, the head donor will die, but if they succeed the consequences for all of us may be unpredictable. Ethical part of the operation remains very doubtful. If it goes well, rich men may start buying young bodies to prolong their lives.

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