Is it true that Michigan Church allows smoking cannabis during the service?

People are wondering why smoking cannabis is allowed in one US church. Does smoking really have unbelievable advantages? Does the USA earn money on cannabis legalization? Find out here!

smoking cannabis

When you start thinking of the many places you can indulge in some social, spiritual, and maybe physical benefits of smoking cannabis, church never comes to mind.

Jeremy Hall, who is an ordained minister in Michigan, feels totally differently about all unwritten rules of the use of marijuana.

On 26th of June, the First (real) Cannabis Church of Logic & Reason in Lansing had its first service where the churchgoers were allowed to smoke marijuana.

to smoke marijuana

34-year-old Hall told the Lansing State Journal that he was hoping to accomplish in the long run, was to provide a place where people could be spiritual, but could also feel safe to take any of their ‘medication’. He said that if they also felt cannabis could become a part of their spirituality, they could combine those two things in a safe environment.

Hall also called his non-denominational church ‘the first of its kind’ in Michigan.

However, medical marijuana is totally legal in that state, and due to 2013 City Charter Amendment, Lansing’s Code of Ordinances does not apply to the possession, transfer or use of less than once ounce of cannabis on private property if the person is more than 21 years old.

to smoke cannabis

As the service is held at Lansing Herbal Farmers Market, having the private property, Jeremy mentions that he ‘anticipates no problems or abuse’.

He also says that marijuana can become a part of some kind of ‘religious experience’. He says it may help people in pain and also create some sense of belonging.

Why did they get such an idea?

benefit of the use of marijuana

Over the centuries, a lot of myths and conflicting opinions were around marijuana. In general, the world is divided into two parts - one part stands for the benefit of the use of marijuana, and the other part serves for the harm of marijuana. In this article we will try to understand what is the harm and benefits of cannabis. And if Jeremy Hall did not make a mistake, when he let smoking cannabis in church.

According to numerous scientific data as well as the experience of people of different generations, smoking cannabis has both disadvantages and advantages. It all depends on the goals of cannabis use, the regularity and the dosage. Also the thing of great importance is the awareness on the type of consumed marijuana and confidence in its quality.

the usefulness of marijuana

Marijuana has hundreds of kinds of varieties and each type has its own purpose. In general, due to the usefulness of marijuana, its cannabinoid compounds and phitocannabinoid (with the correct dosage) can have positively influence on the body. Speaking of medical approach of smoking, the smoking cannabis effects can prove to be very favorable: sclerosis syndrome, hepatitis C, acne, depression, HIV / AIDS, disorders of the digestive system, heart disease, diseases of the musculoskeletal system - all of these diseases are generally accompanied by debilitating symptoms, poisoning an already difficult life of the patient. Marijuana alleviates the symptoms of such diseases. People have already written a lot of scientific papers on this subject.

Marijuana is able to lift the mood and help to relax, relieve stress. That is why it is so popular among the population of our planet. It causes a feeling of ‘euphoria’, a feeling of expansion of consciousness. Colors are brighter, the taste intensifies, and everything seems easy and deep. Such sensations are felt by the majority of consumers of cannabis. And, so what harm can there be with such nice characteristics?

cannabis is legal

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But they still exist. If you want to know what kind of damage can be expected from cannabis, read till the end.

Like smoking cigarettes is harmful to human lungs, the lungs receive the same harm from smoking cannabis. Because the combustion process disintegrates into a plurality of substances noxious compounds, such as carbon monoxide, tar and heavy al., so the lungs are affected first. Of course, this applies only to those who smoke marijuana on a regular basis. A ‘herd’ of cannabis is like 20 cigarettes. The smoke of marijuana also irritates the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat, exposing the smoker's risk of cancer of the pharynx and oral cavity.

effects of cannabis

In spite of the more common effects of euphoria, cannabis harm also extends to the central nervous system. This is due to the fact that an inexperienced cannabis smoker chooses the wrong dosage, risks instead of euphoric experience getting panic attacks, depression, apathy, hallucinations, paranoia. Moreover, people prone to depression, can provoke a depression using cannabis.

Cardio-vascular system. The harm of cannabis can be: rapid heartbeat, narrowing of cerebral vessels, lowering of blood pressure of the body. This, again, leads to a state of panic and disorder of the nervous system.

harm of cannabis

As a conclusion before using marijuana, it is strongly recommended to consider everything very well, after ‘weighing’ all the pros and cons. After all, as they say, even snake venom, depending on the dosage and application process, can be both medicine and deadly poison.

On the pages of the electronic edition of profile of Nigerian growers’ group of authors tries to avoid any materials associated with the cultivation of marijuana and the non-medical use of psychoactive constituents of the plant. A few years ago this kind of material on the subject was perceived by the public and especially the officials of all state structures as soft drugs.

soft drugs

That was why the relentless downward trend in the number of heavy crimes taking place in the Netherlands, observed throughout 2014, a similar trend was in Uruguay (it was associated with the legalization of consumption of a small amount of marijuana).

However, it does not mean that this kind of experience is not popular in Nigeria, where the drug problem is extremely acute. Without trying to analyze the market globally, which opened after the legalization of the use of small amounts of marijuana in some states of the USA, we would like to focus our attention on the fact that some professionals from law enforcement create horror stories associated with the illegal use of cannabis.

the legalization of cannabis

Law enforcement officials fear that the main results in the fight against drug trafficking in all departments ‘revolve’ around any manifestations of cannabis. The absence of this indicator in statistical reporting bares the actual omission (lack of results) of our law enforcement officers at the fronts of the fight against drugs. In addition, the American experience calculated the benefits of taxing of this type of activity very pragmatically. The absence of additional costs of the police department of only one state associated with the arrest and detention of persons ‘caught up’ with a box (up to 5 grams of cannabis) on the pocket, were very profitable too.

So, what has changed since the legalization of marijuana in one US state:


the legalization of marijuana

The fall in the crime rate - since the beginning of legalization, level of violent crimes in the state decreased by 2.2%, robberies rate decreased by 9.5%, and non-violent crime rate fell by 8.9%.

The income from taxes increased – the state government received 40.9 million dollars of taxes came to the officials from the sale of marijuana, of which $ 2.5 million was given to hospitals and schools of the state. In fact, the authorities have collected so much money, that the sum of 30.5 million was refunded back to taxpayers.

the use of dangerous cannabis

The number of arrests was reduced - since 2010, the rate of arrests for possession of marijuana has fallen by 84%, reaching (after the full legalization) zero. Taking into account the fact that each such arrest cost $300 in the justice system, the state authorities could, with the help of legalization, save about $ 2 million.

It decreased the number of accidents – during 11 months of 2014, the number of fatal accidents fell by 3%.

The number of unemployed people decreased - in the state, due to the rapid growth of hemp industry, more than 16 thousand new jobs were created all over the state. It was without counting the employed US citizens, who worked in the related industries and service management.


the use of cannabis

Lack of sanitary standards of production - despite the repeated promises of the State Commission of regulatory, product testing system of hemp shops for the presence of contaminants such as mold and hazardous chemicals, it has not been developed yet. For example, in the state of Washington, where similar sanitary control already exists, about 13% of all on-test hemp products have not passed it. That creates some serious doubts about the quality and safety of cannabis in Colorado and Michigan.

smoking cannabis in church

The neighboring states are suing with Colorado - Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a complaint to the US Supreme Court on the Colorado state government, claiming that their law enforcement organizations were overwhelmed by the huge amount of the smugglers, exporting marijuana from the state.

Lack of places for cannabis consumption is the main problem in the current system of legalization, which is particularly puzzling tourists, that marijuana can be easily found, but it cannot be used everywhere. At this point, cannabis consumption is allowed only within private homes, which does not include the majority of the Colorado hotels. For this reason, the state government was discharged in the past year 668 fines for smoking marijuana in the wrong place, which is 471% higher than the fines for 2013. Authorities of Colorado have already begun thinking about the arrangement of public spaces for cannabis use.

smoking cannabis during the service

Jeremy Hall has shown an example, which can be taken by other states. As smoking cannabis in church may become very profitable and convenient for the visitors.

It is clear that although the legalization of psychoactive cannabis in the United States has its own problems and disadvantages; they are minor compared to the benefits brought by legalization, as people will certainly continue smoking cannabis. 

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