Is lying genetic?

Dream to tell your kids everything about lie right? What tips are the best? Is lying genetic? You’ll find out everything about this trait and how to deal with it here!

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A lot of parents want to know why their children are lying to them, and why children lie at all, what encourages them to do so. Is lying a genetic trait? Let us together learn this issue. This theme is quite popular, it is of concern to many adults, especially parents, because a lot of parents of children, who lie very often, of course, do not like it. But this is not unusual, because in reality everyone lies very often.

This is done not only by almost all the children but also by a lot of adults, because for them it is one of the ways to achieve their goals. So the subject is not just popular, but also very important, because it concerns not only parents, but everyone in deed. We all should know such a thing as a lie, and why people, including children, constantly use it in their lives to deal with various problems and challenges.

Is lying a genetic trait

 We need to know, first of all, ‘is lying genetic’ in order to develop the right attitude to this phenomenon. After all, if your child is lying to you, then, he does not see any other way to solve a problem or a get something. And it's very bad. In this issue, you need to understand who we are and we do.

First, let us ask ourselves - why do people lie? Why lie is an integral part of our lives? And why do we treat it negatively, why do we believe that people should not lie? It is an interesting question. We cannot lie to you to separate the child from the lies that adult says, it would not only be unfair to the children, but also wrong from the point of view of the analysis of the phenomenon as a lie. Everyone lies. So why exactly are you lying? What exactly do you need? I'm sure you have something to answer to those questions, and have something to justify your lies.

lying is a genetic trait

Well, and the children also have need of a lie, and they also have something to justify it. However, they do not always know how to do it right, but it is only because they are not old enough and cannot cover up and justify another lie, as adults do. Children are more vulnerable and helpless than adults, with the result that they are more often the adults are victims of unjust violence with them, they are often forced to do something what they do not want.

A lot of adults do not care about the interests and opinions of children, even when it comes to their own children, and it is when we do not talk about humanity and parental love – it is the norm. And so the children lie, perhaps, only using this they can protect themselves somehow.

a genetic trait

A majority of adults believe the lies are evil. They punish their children for lying, sometimes very violently, trying to knock them out of the habit. The punishment, in such cases, works against parents then children. Kids start understanding that they should cover their lies better, hide it.

Usually the kids follow the example of their parents, telling lies in order to get or not to get something. Some kids tell about their fantasies, use their imagination. Parents should not punish kids for that, it’s normal for growing up of a personality.

Is habitual lying genetic?

habitual lying

And what's wrong in a lie? We strongly since childhood are taught that lying is bad, as you know the children are able to do it, they know how to lie, although they are not taught this. What does this mean? This suggests that people by nature has a need for a lie, because a lie is a protection, and a mean of attack, which helps us to achieve our goals.

Lying has a right to exist. It has to be, without it a person is vulnerable to a lot of threats, especially to the threat posed by more powerful people.

It turns out that we want to use the weakness of the child, as we want to sculpt out of it whatever we want, without regard to his personal interests, his desires, his condition, needs and concerns. And we do not want to allow him somehow to protect himself from our attacks, to defend his interests. Children should be able to protect themselves from various threats with lies, and the glory of God, nature has given them that opportunity.

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And some of us punish the children for lying, not thinking about how our children will live in the future, when they grow up in, as you can see, not very fair and good world. Why do you want an honest child? Why do you need an honest child? What do you want from him, demanding the truth? Should he tell only the truth, without thinking about the consequences? Can you imagine what this world then do with him, imagine what his life would be, if he is too honest?

Your example means much more than your words. If you punish your kid, saying that lying is wrong and then lies yourself… Well, your child will make the wrong conclusion and then he will use it in future. Lying is not genetic, but children always follow the example of their parents. So it means that the nearest and dearest affect the attitude to the lie of children.

Is habitual lying genetic

Children lie for the same reason as adults, they have imagination, too, have their own interests, their desires, their fears, their feelings, and when they cannot achieve the desired in an honest way - they're lying. Similarly, when the children need protection from attacks by adults or attacks of the other children, they begin to lie as they can, in order to somehow get out of a difficult, perhaps, even dangerous situation.

Moreover, adults can lie, in order just to say something, just like a habit. Well, it's true. It seems that sometimes we lie, just like that, without much sense; in fact we lie for profit, or due to the same fear that we simply do not realize the full extent. Just because nothing happens in our world, we lie to get attention, be funny, etc. You're lying when it is favorable or when circumstances force you to lie, when fear forces you to lie to get out. Children also do the same.

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Children lie, because they want too much and more afraid, do not think that you are very different from them in their behavior. You are smarter, more cunning, physically stronger, more experienced, but you are driven by the same instincts that drive children. It is nature, not genes. Remember, what you did when you were young. Think of a situation when you lied to other people, including adults and answer yourself the question - why did you lie? Perhaps there was something you wanted or something you did not want. Right? It is difficult for us to live without lies.

Remember how you saw the world around you, when you were little. I am sure that even now, when you become an adult, the world does not seem an honest, fair-minded and friendly to you. And even if you are flying in the clouds and wear rose-colored glasses, you are still wary of this world, for life, for sure, you have been bitten more than once. Is it possible to live in this world without lies?

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Answer honestly yourself this question. If your parents would never lie, would you start doing it? Yes! The nature did it for us. At least once, you’d lie. I think that without the ability to lie, at least a little, the life becomes a very difficult, sometimes even not impossible.

Nature does not allow kids to be too honest. It does not though teach them to lie correctly, but at the level of intuition, it tells them that the distorted information in a certain way is able to protect them and to gain something for themselves. And since we are all forced to lie, some more some less, some better and some worse, then let's not deny that we need that.  We should teach our children to lie in a smart way. To use it correctly not harming anyone.

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The task of adults is to prepare children for a better life. It is the younger generation. We must do everything in our power to ensure that our children will live better life than we do, so that they achieve happy and life full of love. Children lie, not because they are bad, but because nature has given them the ability to survive, this is not the most humane, not very honest, not very fair and good world. All people and we, adults, have to understand it. Lying is not a genetic phenomenon or habit, but a way to survive. 

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