Is Nollywood actor Chigozie Atuanya going to become a captain?

The new image of Nollywood actors are coming nonstop. Meet Nollywood actor Chigozie Atuanya in the new presentation.

chigozie captain
Handsome Nollywood actor, Chigozie Atuanya, has gotten ladies running after with his cuteness and you will agree that he is indeed beautiful.

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A new look

The actor is currently in a movie location where he plays the role of a captain and his white captain uniform so much look fitting on him which also complemented his good looks.

Anyway, with his cuteness, Chigozie Atuanya believes he can end the problem of Nigeria if he is given the opportunity.

chigozie captain

So ladies are welcome to him to complete their challenges.

Frankly speaking, Chigozie Atuanya is handsome and with no decorations or makeup; his swag is killing.

chigozie captain

A few facts

Chigozie Atuanya is from a big family. Before joining the movie industry, Chigozie was a model for Delta soap and appeared in one of their TV commercials. After that, he started getting contracts for film roles. Regarding his education, Chigozie attended the Enugu State University of Technology, where he studied Public Administration.


Chigozie Atuanya's first appearance in Nollywood was in the movie King Jaja of Opobo which was released in 1998. Up to the present time, he has been in Nollywood for over 17 years. The second film he appeared in was Rattle Snake 3, released in 1999.

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