Is #SaveMayowa a scam?

The rumors say that #SaveMayowa turned out to be a scam. Is it really so or is it just a rumor spread by people to blacken the name of the family? Keep reading to find out.


The campaign #SaveMayowa attracted the attention of thousands of people. Even those who had no money to donate and support the family of Mayowa were very sympathetic to the sickness that knocked on their door. And who would not sympathize when a person is diagnosed with ovarian cancer and the family has no money to save the life of their child?

People followed it and checked the news for it daily. Unfortunately, the journalists from the Linda Ikeji’s blog informed that they got a leak of information that this whole situation is just a scam. It is just too sad not to share, they claimed. Mayowa really is sick, and she truly was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. However, the condition she was diagnosed with it was too bad to operate her.

It was said that she had stage four of th ovarian cancer, which was very hard for parents to hear. The picture of how the lady used to look like before and how she look snow went viral on the Internet and attracted hundreds of people willing to help her and save her life if possible. That is how the campaign on GoFundMe gathered $100 thousand and many more Naira. People donated and shared the information with a genuine desire to save the life.

Mayowa was admitted at LUTH; however, the doctors that treated and diagnosed her there said that there is nothing they can do about it now. At least, so claims Linda Ikeji’s blogpost. The family was told to go home and prepare themselves for the worst to come. Nevertheless, despite the advice of the doctors, Mayowa’s family did not just go home. They started a campaign fo rMayowa’s treatment that allegedly could help her.

It is reported that one of the biggest supporters of the campaign, Toyin Aimakhu has already gone to the police and to the hospital to talk to the doctors and find out the truth about the situation. Apparently, no one did it before, as had someone checked the decision of the doctors, Mayowa’s name would not be mentioned with a scam now.


Mayowa’s  family was not at home, as when people came to inquire them about the issue, no one came to open the door. The rumors say that they denied any scam behind the fundraising campaign, as this money will be used for Mayowa’s treatment abroad.

Right now the video of Toyin Aimakhu I shared on the Internet. The actress is crying in it over the scam she got involved into. She states that she is losing faith in people if the disease of a person, moreover, a family member, can be used to raise money for other purposes. On Thursday Toyin went to the hospital where the family was reported to be in order to be among the first ones who finds out the truth. You can see her talking to the policemen and gesturing when expressing her grief and great disappointment.

Toyin used to be the most loyal supporter of the fund raising campaign who shared the news and involved people into the campaign. That is why realizing that it could possibly have been a scam is rather painful for her.

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The fans of the actress claim that it was all her idea, and she is going to use the money for a new movie or something. People are angry and desperate and wait for the truth to be revealed. One of the sources shows that investigation they made, and it turned out that the family told the public at first that they will take their daughter to Emory Hospital in Atlanta. The inquired information from the Emory Hospital showed that they really did contact the hospital, and the authorities said that the family would need between $3,000 to $30,000 on every session, while they will probably need at least 10 or 15 of those.

Mayowa scam

However, there is no record of Mayowa’s family contacting the hospital later or an invitation later from them. Mayowa also has no American visa, which makes it impossible for her to go there. On the other hand, the family states that they changed the hospital they want to take their child to, and now they are taking her to Aby Dhabi. After they heard that people doubt their honesty they made a few statements.

First, of all. They mentioned that they have not given up on their daughter’s life; that is why they started a campaign and wanted to continue with it. At the moment Mayowa is at the hospital receiving treatment that will make it possible for her to fly to Abu Dhabi. The lady is at the LUTH under a close watch of doctors, which people willing to get the truth can check any time.

Mayowa will be taken to Abu Dhabi with the help of Flying Doctors in case she needs assistance on a plane, as in her condition flying is dangerous. The family also promised that they were never going to use the money for any other purpose other than Mayowa’s treatment. They asked people to pray for their daughter as she goes to a new hospital for a treatment that will or will not save her life. They stated that they only trust God in the situation and His will in Mayowa’s life. The family said they were incredibly grateful to the Nigerians who supported her and gave them all hope for life to be continued.

The person that I feel most sorry for this situation is Mayowa. No matter whether it is a scam or not, the girl is going through some very tough time in her life. She has to fight for life instead of being ashamed and laughed at for an alleged scam.

A popular twit on Twitter about this situation made by Bb Rizzle states that there are a few things that Nigerians should have learned about themselves from this situation. First, Nigerian people have proven to be very sympathetic and kind-hearted. They did not want to let a girl die. Second, Linda Ikeji thinks she can give medical expertise in this situation. This even sounds ridiculous, and her facts were not proven yet. Third, Toyin Aimhaku is also pretty good at medicine and giving legitimate medical expertise on other people’s medical condition. Moreover, she is capable of crying! It is huge!

Mayowa not a scam

Fourth, people tend to trust Linda Ikeji’s blog too much, and she seems to be using that authority and say whatever she wants, and people will believe it. Fifth, and that is not surprising at all, but social media Is full of weird people that cannot be trusted under no circumstances. Sixth, Nigerians seem to be losing their focus from the value of a person’s life. They get distracted at noisy statements of individuals who know nothing about medicine and would rather believe that than the person herself.

As you see, the facts of Mayowa’s treatment are still to be found out. But all the Nigerians got lessons to learn from this situation! Anyway, keep Mayowa in your prayers, as God is at work and He is there to save and heal or at least to ease her pain at this difficult period of Mayowa’s life.

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