Is the the oldest woman in the world a Nigerian?

Is the world’s oldest woman is living in Nigeria? How old is she? Read the article to find out!

mama efisho
The Internet is full of articles about a woman named Mama Efisho which is considered to be the world’s oldest woman at the age of 191 years. Let us figure out if it’s true or not.

The Nigeria’s “oldest” woman

mama efisho

   A grandson of this woman named Mr Avuefeyen claims that Mama Efisho is about 2 centuries old and she also witnessed the birth of his grandfather!
   If everything he says is true, then we are going to meet the world’s new record and the main thing is that this woman is Nigerian. We know that she was born in Ellu (Edhemoko, Akaluba street) in Delta state.
   But let’s not forget that any documental proves weren’t provided, such as birth certificate (even the birth date) or just a passport. So the claims of her loving grandson are likely to be fake.

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Current record

misoa okawa

   Currently the world’s oldest woman is Misao Okawa. She’s Japanese and she has celebrated her 117th birthday this may. Misao claims that her life is yet too short.
   As the world’s oldest man has passed away in the June 2013 (he was 116), Misao is now considered as the world’s oldest human being alive!

The number of people who have met their 100th anniversary is too small in our cruel world. Living for 191 years is biologically impossible and we can only put our deepest hopes that the story of Mama Efisho is absolutely true.

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