Lady born with two vaginas: What's it like?

Have you ever thought how is it like to have sex with a woman who has two vaginas? How she can carry children? The boyfriend of such woman knows how it is! Check fascinting facts in this artile!

weird condition of having two vaginas

Have you ever met a woman with two vaginas? We bet you are not. It is really weird and even scarring, like having two heads. A man whose girlfriend was born with two vaginas talks about his experience with her. He answers tricky questions about their sex life.


The man and his girlfriend are extremely popular on Reddit, a discussion, and social media website. They started “Ask me anything” topic and the followers of this couple asked them a very unusual question about conceiving, carrying a child and sex.

the girl with two vaginas

According to the guy, his girlfriend was born with a complete uterine didelphids. The uterine malformation where a woman has a double uterus with two vaginas and two cervixes.

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The first impression

The man mentioned that before they started to date, his future girlfriend mentioned that she had two of something most girls don’t have. After a minute of guessing, he finally understood what she was talking about. They had a fascinating conversation.

two vaginas

Does the sex feel different?

The guy told that the sex really feels different. He also added that all vaginas are different. Urine comes out of the urethra, not the vaginal canal. The vaginal canal is at the bottom, while the urethra is near the top of the vagina. Talking about conceiving and carrying a child the man said that his lady could get pregnant via both vaginas.

difference between normal vagina and two vaginas

Interesting to know, that this woman is not the only one who have this special condition. There is also a man with a very rare condition called diphallia. He has two penises. However, in comparison to the extraordinary woman he doesn’t want fortune and fame, so his identity remains to be secret.

Watch the video to learn more about the woman with two vaginas.

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