Largest construction vehicles: what do these monsters look like?

How big are the largest construction vehicles in the world? Their photos are shocking!

largest construction

These machines were created for extreme conditions and tasks. They are the real giants and transformers. They look creepy and terrifying in their amazing power and huge sizes. Learn their names and capacities!

6 largest construction machines in the world:

These monsters are king size and their power is really shocking. When you see them, you become glad that the movie “Transformers” is just a fancy story!

  1. Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1
    It’s the largest mobile crane in the world. It has eight parts of the telescopic automated boom to move things around.
    Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1
  2. LeTourneau L-2350
    The biggest earth mover can move up to 72 tons per time and the size of its bucket is amazing – 40 square meters. It has 16 cylinders under the hood.
    LeTourneau L-2350
  3. Komatsu D575A-3SD
    The hugest bulldozer or as they call it the “superdozer” can push over 200 tons and lift over 150 tons per time. It’s diesel engine has12 cylinders to make the giant able handle any task in the world.  
    Komatsu D575A-3SD 

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  4. Terex RH 400
    This largest excavator does resemble the terrifying killer dinosaur Terex by its shape. It costs 11 million dollars. 9900 tons is the amount of material it can scoop around.
    Terex RH 400
  5. Bagger 288
    The hugest bucket wheel excavator in the world is a real transformer. It can sit or stand up. It has the height of almost 100 meters and the length of 200 m.
    Bagger 288
  6. Rusch Triple 34-25
    This giant demolition shear can beat any enemy and no construction can stand its devastating blows.
    Rusch Triple 34-25

These machines are made for construction and they are the largest in the world. Their size and power are amazing!

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