Little boy asked a man: Are You God? When you learn why, you’ll cry!

Why this boy thought a man was God? The reason is so touching!

boy asked a man

War is always a dreadful experience for everyone, but children are experiencing worst sufferings. Little ones have no chance to live a normal life, they do not understand, that war is not life, they grow up believing that a state of war is something life is about. This dramatically influences their souls and leads to really sad consequences.

A really touching story took place after World War II ended, in London, Great Britain. One day an American troops soldier was walking down the street, heading towards his headquarters and went past a bakery. The owner of that shop was cooking beautiful muffins and biscuits. Outside the shop, stuck to a glass window, stood a little boy, all looking starving lean and hungry. His eyes were glued to the delicious sweets in the bakery showcases.

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boy asked

The soldier was shocked and asked the boy, would he like some biscuits? The boy stood speechless, so the man went in and bought a few warm buns for him. And the words little boy said, were unbearable… Deprived of anything normal, including home, clothes, food, or even some care and protection, shocked with the good deed of the man, little man asked the solder: “Are you the God?”.

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