Most expensive champagne in the world and in Nigeria – top 8

Sometimes people become redicilous about the prices for the luxury items. Get the list of the most expensive champange in the world and find out how much the wealth are willing to pay for a bottle of wine.

Champagne is a scintillant alcohol beverage that is wanted by many on the table when celebrating birthdays, Christmas or other holiday. Notwithstanding the fact that the most expensive champagne costs insane money, the owners put out so much to surprise people around. They know that spellbound views of others are priceless. There are various types of champagne in the world and we propose take a view on these exceptional pieces of art.
Most expensive champagne in the world

List of the 8 most expensive champain in the world: 

Place #1

“Taste of Diamonds”

Most expensive champagne in Nigeria The tag of this number-1 beverage in the world of sparkling wine drinks is fantastic USD 2.07 million (N 414 million equivalent). What makes it to be so? Incredible beautiful, exceptionally clean as a tear of a virgin, 19-carat diamond. As well as two plates of pure 18-carat gold, attached to the bottle, molded by hand. It can be said that everything emphasizes its rareness – the beverage, a bottle and a label. Perhaps, this label the costliest in the world because the price depends on its variations. It comes in several versions. The most expensive – with the already mentioned price – uses a white diamond. Second, worth USD 1.3 million (N 260 million) goes with a pink diamond, and without a stone in the design is available to you only for the USD 223 thousand (N 44.6 million).

This sparkling wine is no longer just a drink but became a thing that emphasizes status. It is also the costliest in Nigeria – Peter Okoye, Don Jazzy and Wizkid already tried this extremely costly beverage. The last one mentioned opened a bottle at a celebration party after his 23rd anniversary (the price of N 260 Mil). Peter Okoye and Don Jazzy ordered it from the manufacturer among the first of Nigerian celebrities. Don tried it first. We also may call Jazzy as not very public person – he drank the bottle alone, in the evening in his bed under the blanket. While such outstanding pieces of luxury should be drank in public, at some party where awards for something are given, under the envious glances of hundreds gathered. Then the effect of the possession of such a drink will be much higher.

Most expensive champagne – top 8Place #2

“Armand de Brignac Rose 30l Midas”

Besides this variant of champagne, the modest version is also available – beginning with 0.75 liters bottle size, with five steps to the maximum volume – 30 liters, as at the picture above. Each of them costs own money, but the most expensive option is  $275 thousand. For this money, the future owner receives:

  • gilded bottle (or pink, with a gold hint in the design);
  • bottle weighing 100 pounds, a height of 4 feet and a capacity of 40 ordinary bottles;
  • awareness of own greatness as a man who owns a second at a cost item in the world, which can make inebriate a huge crowd of his friends.

expensive champagne in Nigeria 1Place #3

“Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck”

Name of this drink in 1st part it received due to its great story. It is differ from most of others with that. Bottle of 1907 production was on the delivery way to USSR’s government (more known now as the Russia) during WWII and the ship happened to sunk after it was bombed by the Hitler's army. Then back in 1997, its fragments were found. In particular, there were 200 bottles among them, carefully lain on the seabed for more than 50 years. Not just survived in ideal conditions, but also absorbed the sea’s odor and savor. 

Due to such circumstances – the taste scale and historicity – each bottle costs USD 275 thousand. We place them in third place in the list of most expensive wines. Position is very conditional, because they share second place at the price with its predecessor, Armand de Brignac Rose 30L Midas.

Most expensive champagne in the world and in Nigeria – top 8Place #4

Pernod Ricard Perrier Jouet”

Price tag is $ 50.000. This drink is unique not only because of the price tag. But also due to an incredible opportunity to order a taste from the drink manufacturer in the way you want it to be. It is prestigious to own such an expensive sparkling wine from the best wineryof the world. That is why Pernod Ricard will prepare you a blend of liquors, which will meet your preferences the best. This peculiarity makes the drink not only exclusive and expensive, but also unique in the whole range of flavors.

Most expensive champagne top 8Place #5

“Krug 1928”

If you're willing to give $ 21.000 per bottle of sparkling beverage, you probably want to invest in an expensive purchase, but do not drink the wine itself. It was produced back in 1938, and uses spirits of grapes grown in 1926. Such a great mixture raise exponentially in price if it does not opened and leaved to your offspring. It is difficult to say for sure how much it will increase in value after 10 or 20 years. But if you buy a bottle like this, you will not want to try it, so as not to lower its cost to zero.

Place #6 champagne in the world and in Nigeria

“The Champagne Cristal Brut 1990”

Price tag in $ 17625 is 117 times cheaper than the most expensive champagne in the world.

But still, this is the most expensive in a line of Cristal, which is the most costly among the mass-produced champagnes. 

champagne in Nigeria – top 8The uniqueness of the bottle is in a nice, simple and elegant design. The taste of this white drink certainly should be divine, to match its price category.

Place #7

“Perrier-Jouet Champagne”

Beginning from the 7th place, we are seeing much simpler price tags of the bottles.

 They can be accessed by persons of the middle class, as an exceptional gift to ourselves once or twice per life. This drink costs $ 6485 and is elegant with simplicity of its exterior.

The champagne has fruity taste that is given by a mixture of different kinds of grapes.

Place #8

Dom Perignon White Gold”

expensive champagne in the worldThe last 8th place is for a drink in a very beautiful wineglass, with a price of $ 2467 (N 493,400 equivalent). According to some other sources, this bottle is worth $ 40 000, which is also very likely. What you pay for:

  • gorgeous bottle, reminiscent of shell on the top lapel;
  • coating of the outside of the bottle with white gold with laser engraving of labels;
  • stunning taste of the drink, which has aged for more than 20 years in the bottle of 3 liters.

Most expensive champagne is a bottle with incredible price tag of $ 2.07 million. The cheapest in the list is almost 1,000 times lower. More than likely that the price of the drink provided by decorating items – precious metals and stones. READ ALSO: Most expensive water – 5 top kinds

 Only two bottles from the collection have rich history – Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck and Krug 1928. Others are costly because of the bottle and age.


I liked list of most expensive champagne. I'm curious know, how taste - different from usual champagne. But I had money, I would not have bought bottle of drink for $ 2 million. Too many people in need, some even have nothing eat and place live. Is it possible in such conditions allow such luxury? But I like this sparkling wine, and it's great for aromantic dinner or celebrate good event, such as wedding or successful conclusion of deal. And I think, that best bottle of champagne is not worth money.

Answered 2 years ago.

I would also like to taste at least the cheapest of this list. But like the bigger part of people l can't afford lt. To tell you the truth, even l were very and very rich, l would not spend my money on such things. There are too many important things on which money is needed. I think it is just a way to say that If you are reach - you can afford anything to yourself. But ... I think I would not resist the temptation just to drink it one time in order to remember the taste. It is in human nature to want something which we can not afford or get.

Answered 2 years ago.

God this champagne is just so exquisit and i can guess very tasty and also fancy. I really have enjoyed this article mainly because i always been interested in fancy drinks. Now i am glad to know that there are so many expensive champagne i hope that oneday i also will be able to afford it. Especially this very expensive bottle that costs more then 2 million dollars.To be honest i do not understand how one can spend that much money on champagne but i guess that if i were rich i would spend my money on it.

Answered 2 years ago.
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