Most expensive water – 5 top kinds

How much could some water cost? Ready to get shocked by the prices people pay for a glass of clean water? Read on.

How do you tell which water is better and how do you price it? That might be a very relevant question for Nigeria, as it experiences shortage of clean drinking water. For some people even a glassful of pure and cold water is a luxury, while others look to get the most expensive water in the world.

most expensive water

What are some of the characteristics of the best and healthiest water?

  • Its taste
    Spring water has the best taste. It is cold and fresh, but has no strong flavor to it. In some parts of the world people are forced to drink smelly and odorous water.
  • purest water in the world TDS (total dissolved solids)
    Pure water does not mean it is void of all kinds of elements or filling agents. Healthy water has to contain a range of minerals and micro elements.

    Distilled water can be very pure, but totally unwholesome. Regular consumption of such “void” water can lead to development of various diseases. 
    On the other hand, prper TDS levels in water make it healthy and natural. Good water goes through layers of soil and gets enriched with those things.
  • pH balance
    Our bodies maintain certain pH levels. If water gets contaminated by chemicals, it turns acidic and negatively impacts one’s healthy. It can lead to ruining your teeth and stomach.
  • Unpolluted water
    Today’s extensive use of chemicals in agriculture and industry leads to water pollution. As our bodies contain over 80% of water. This means water can become one of the deadliest poisons if it gets polluted.

Most expensive bottled water in the world – 5 top

Even today in Nigeria bottled water production can bring you a good buck. But you can really become rich selling exclusive water to that 1 percent of the population of the world. They can pay a fortune for a bottle of water.

5. Berg water
berg pure water
It is Canadian natural water obtained from the icebergs (that’s how it came by its name). Scientists believe those icebergs were formed thousands years ago when the world was young and clean.

Such water preserves unique pureness and freshness that is why they sell their products at $20 per bottle. The water is poured and sold in glass bottles with unique design.

4. Veen
most expenise water 2
The Company was started back in 2006. The water is taken from natural springs. It is brought all the way from Himalayan mountain ridge, as well as from Bhutan and Finland.  The price tag starts at $23 and goes up.

3. Fillico
most expensive water 2
This is a Japanese company. The water comes from Osaka. What makes it so special is the unique bottle design. At the first glance it looks more like some perfume bottle. It is made out of glass and uses various decorations, such as crystals and crowns. The price of such bottle starts at $219.

They also produce kids’ water in Hello Kitty bottle décor. Its minimal price amounts to $100 per item.

2. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliania
Acqua di Cristallo
The price for this bottle of water is astounding - $60 000 or over 11 000 000 Naira! What makes it so special? It’s not the water itself, but rather the bottle. The best bottle is made out of pure gold. However there are other options available.

The water is being brought from Fiji and France. You can buy it in the gold bottle for $60 thousand or in silver or metal one for about $4 thousand. The golden version contains up to 5 mg of gold powder in the water to supply this element to your body. The total number of karat in the bottle is 24.

1. Ultra diamond luxury collection from Beverly Hills 9OH20
purest water in the world
Here is our winner - $100 000 water (almost $20 million naira). This water’s TDS reaches to over 600. The water is taken from a pure spring and manually crafted into perfection. It is enriched with all the minerals and micro elements giving it mild fruit taste. It claims to be perfect for one’s health.

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Plus, the water is stored in a metal case and the bottle has many small diamonds adorning the bottle cap and larger ones on its body. The set is completed by four crystal glasses. If you order the water, it would be brought to you by plane to any destination in the world. Plus you get multiple refills for free. You may watch famous rapper 2Chainz trying this water in the video:

As you may see, the most expensive bottled water in the world is not so much about water, as it is about the bottle. Seems like you can put a diamond or some gold on anything and sell it for an unbelievable amount of money. Pure water is the gift of God, drink well and stay healthy. 


To my mind, it is some kind of a joke, but mostly as a bad one. I don't know, maybe I am very restricted to the rich people, who can afford totally everything they want. For me it looks like following - if you have money, you can have the best, but if you are poor - you have no right even to drink a good water. But even today lots of people suffer without any kind of water, even the worst. And what the next? I am thinking about the question, whether we would pay soon for the cleanest air? Sorry for such a strict opinion.

Answered 2 years ago.

Man is more percent water. Drinking water is recommended a day at least 2 liters, because it is useful for the body. But not all water is useful. I certainly like the price of water, It is very expensive and inaccessible to the ordinary person, and that is absolutely necessary for a healthy body. Now invented lots of filters for water purification, they are available to many to purchase, but I'm already in thought, then turns out not so clean and water is obtained after bought filters compared to water which is presented in the article.

Answered 2 years ago.
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