Paris government decides to create nudist colony

What do you think about nudism? Is it natural or abnormal? In the capital of Paris they decided to meet true nudists' expectations.

nudist park
The authorities of Paris for the foreseeable future I plan to open a Park for nudists. A specific timeline is not yet known. Reuters has reported such nudists news.

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Official statement

As stated by the Deputy mayor of the French capital Gular Bruno (Bruno Julliard), officials want to find a suitable place for such recreation areas, so-called nudists colony, not to hurt anyone's feelings. The nudist's village is likely to be open in a park or a garden, Gular Bruno suggested. Other European capitals have already done this step, for example, Berlin, where nudist society has its recreation zone.

nudist park

Rules of behavior

Currently to appear naked in public in Paris is possible only in the pool Roger Le Gall in the XII arrondissement of the French capital. However, such exemptions are valid only in the evenings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Only a night time is given to nudists for their hobby. Also, the local nudist association notes that the pool is often overcrowded.

According to French law, appearing in public without clothes for real nudists is punishable by a fine up to 15 thousand euros or a year of imprisonment.

nudist park

The authorities intend to implement the idea in the foreseeable future.

However, the exact timing is not yet known.

As a matter of fact in London opened a restaurant for nudists where you can dine completely naked.


Living a nudist lifestyle is a personal choice. I'm open to it and do not judge others so long as one is respectful of other's need of privacy. Some men are concerned of their own appearance, especially their size relative to other men. Thus, I do appreciate their sensitivity; my white buddies would never consider bearing their private parts whenever an African-American man is around, for fear or shame of their relative smallness. Asian men are somewhat oblivious to the difference in size and tend to bear all with ease. Women are equally self conscious about their appearances but may not place as much emphasis on absolute size as their male partners. So long as you're comfortable with your own body, who cares what others may think of you. Live free and long or short if it's so! Visit LocalNudistSingle to learn more about nudists

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