Pastor who killed his wife

Sometimes even pastors commit crimes. If you want to learn about the priests who killed their wives, read this article!

According to Vanessa Bulls, a former Baptist preacher Matt Baker told her how he was going to get rid of his wife and tried to make it look like it was suicide. It is a pastor who killed his wife in Texas.


There was a hearing on Tuesday, January 19 in Waco Courthouse. His 27-year-old lover said she knew about the criminal intentions of the pastor even before the death of Carey Baker in 2006.

She didn’t report any of the plans of the preacher and she didn’t say anything even after the crime was committed because she was afraid that her relationship with Baker will become known to the public.

"He is a liar and a manipulator who took advantage of my vulnerable position and made me believe everything he said," –announced Vanessa. The prosecutor's office promised her the freedom of prosecution if she did it.

The death of Carey Baker was originally recognized as a suicide, and the authorities began the investigation only after they found out about the love affair of a widowed preacher. The main witness said that Baker put something in his wife’s sleeping pills, chained her to the bed with the handcuffs and strangled with the pillow.

After that he wrote a fake suicide note. The pastor himself, who is facing a life sentence, continues to insist that his wife committed suicide because of her severe depression.

texas pastor

So the Texas Priest, who killed his wife, was sentenced to 65 years in prison. Moreover, the prosecutor even demanded the life sentence.

Pastor who killed his wife in Alabama

Pastor Richard Lee Shahan from Alabama stabbed his wife Karen because he wanted to move in with his gay-lover.

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Pastor Shahan is a very loving man. In addition to his legitimate wife, he was also in a relationship with two representatives of the sexual minorities.

One of them lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and the other one - in Scotland. Richard actively sent e-mails to them saying that he didn’t mind his wife to die.

"There is only one way to officially become a free man - to wait until the Lord will reward me. A woman who I live with will kill herself in a short period of time.

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She has diabetes, and she doesn’t want to take care of herself. Her mother died before she got old because of the same disease, she also didn’t take care of herself. So I pray and wait. Everything is in the hands of our Lord. "

Richard confirmed that he wrote some letters containing similar information to his lovers. However, he strongly denies the charges in the murder of his wife.

Police found the dead body of Karen in the morning in an empty house of the couple. As it turned out later, her husband was already at the airport at this time, trying to run away from the country.

But he got caught anyways. The resourceful pastor wanted to fly to Germany and after that to the United Kingdom to live with his beloved lover.

Richard was planning to give up the US citizenship and become a citizen of the United Kingdom, forgetting his life in the United States like it was a bad dream. His sons said that he said goodbye to them.

Pastor who killed his wife in Ghana

ghana pastor

A church preacher is suspected of murdering his pregnant British wife in a hotel room in Ghana.

The body of Charmain Adusah, 41, was found by the hotel service in the bathroom. According to the criminologists, she spent several days there.

Her husband, Eric Isaiah Adusah is a self-proclaimed prophet and evangelical preacher left the hotel right after he killed his wife.

He told the hotel managers that his wife was feeling sick so they didn’t have to disturb her.

A close family friend claimed that Mr Adusah flew back to London but later returned to Ghana after his wife’s body was found by one person of the hotel stuff who went to check on her after she didn’t open the door for a long time.


When this happens, I am given to the divine, to be honest. I do not understand that at this moment is driven by such people, especially those who occupy such position. This atrocity, which has no justification, that if someone did not think and did not speak. And I am fully convinced that for such an offense a person must be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and with clarification of all the surrounding circumstances. However, it is necessary to stop and show everyone that for a similar offense would be cruel and merciless punishment that was not povadno.

Answered 1 year ago.

When it comes to priests, do you think that this pure, sinless people who serve God and the world are education, knowledge of the faith, of the deadly sins, love and so on. How a man can tolerate at least the idea of the murder? Not to mention the fact that this perfect work, and even a man who swore he cares and in sorrow and in joy. I have no words. I never before heard of such incidents, and it would be better not to know. Now, looking at the priest will always think about what his thoughts are, and whether they are good on the whole. Definitely, this priest committed a terrible sin, and forgiveness he probably will not.

Answered 1 year ago.
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