Сan birth control cause anxiety?

With the affordability of birth control methods for many women it might be tempting to rush in to the doctor to get a prescription.

But first it’s important to know how different contraceptives can affect not only your overall physical health, but also your mental health.

anxiety birth control

Young women are lucky today. They have access to some efficient and safe birth control methods, and if they are unhappy and dissatisfied with the one, they can switch to another one that works for them. Each one comes with its warnings and side effects which can be weight gain, fatigue, and depression, as well as a greater risk of pregnancy at the time of switching pills.

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Causes of anxiety

Anxiety is seen as a psychological condition, but the causes of anxiety are far more complex. Anxiety can be caused muscle energy - you can genuinely get mental stresses simply because you're not moving your muscles enough. Anxiety can also be caused by nutrition. Anxiety can be caused by thousands of different things. So it should come as no surprise that hormonal imbalances may cause anxiety as well. The term "hormonal imbalance" has a variety of meanings, but it's also very clear that it can lead to anxiety.

anxiety birth control

Can birth control pills cause anxiety attacks?

Can switching birth control cause anxiety? Yes. Before starting with birth control, it is important to know how the different hormone containing contraceptives can affect your physical and mental health. The mix of synthetic hormones found in birth control wreaks havoc with your moods. They contain certain amounts of lab formulated estrogen and progesterone which can exacerbate depression and anxiety. This is because of the effect hormones have on the balance of your feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin, GABA, dopamine and nor epinephrine. Too little estrogen causes a dip in serotonin. The ovaries produce less estrogen and anxiety and depression sets in.

anxiety birth control

Can birth control pills cause anxiety depression?

Switching birth control causes anxiety because of estrogen dominance or increased amounts of estrogens and not enough of progesterone in the body. Changing pills alter the hormone levels of the body causing depression and moodiness in many women. Most women who aren’t satisfied with their birth control methods give psychological side effects as the reason for wanting to switch their birth control options.

anxiety birth control

Can hormonal birth control cause anxiety?

Speak to your doctor about your feelings and the need to change to a contraceptive which will fit your lifestyle and leave you feeling in control of your life.

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