Selling virginity online: Who is Linda from Moldova?

Do you think that virginity is priceless? Well there are people who disagree! Find out how the 19-year-old is selling her virginity online and why she is doing it!

selling virginity

There are a lot of weird advertisements that you can find in the Internet. However, what do you think about those who post ads about selling virginity online?

Meet Linda, a 19-year-old girl who lives and Moscow and doesn’t want to be a virgin anymore. People might have different opinions about what she is doing but there are actually reasons explaining everything.

There is no real evidence that she is a virgin because right now modern medicine can do anything.

Linda has published an ad where she describes herself and the reasons why she wants to sell her virginity. If you want to know more about here, read further!

This 19-year-old girl was born in a small village in Moldova but later on she moved to Moscow, Russia. She says that she is a really faithful girl as her family brought her up like this.

She expresses her gratitude to her mom and dad as they have done a great job bringing up such a kind girl.

She says that sometimes people become really surprised that she is religious and don’t believe her. But the truth is that she attended church and is familiar with the Bible.

Her hobby is singing and sometimes she would go to the church choir to sing.  According to her words, everyone admires her talent.

But she had not an easy life as a teenager as her parents didn’t allow her to do a lot of things. For example, it was forbidden to date boys.

But Linda says that it didn’t bother her that much and she felt happy anyways.

selling virginity

But now she is an adult who is responsible for her decisions. So as a good student she decided to go further with her studies and to go to the university.

She chose Moscow because it’s a city that offers a lot of opportunities.  It’s her second year and she is studying to become a teacher in math.

She is really excited about this job because she loves working with kids.

She says that even though she is s hard-working student, education in the university still costs a lot of money which her parents can’t afford to pay.

That’s why she is working as a babysitter but even this salary is not enough.

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So Linda offers her virginity to anyone who has money. Moreover, she says that she has the documents stating that she is still a virgin.

Is it okay to sell virginity?

Do you think that Linda is doing the right thing? Would you be able to do the same thing if you had to pay for your studies or something similar?

People have different opinions about it but every girl who did it had her own reasons. We can’t judge anyone as we don’t know the circumstances that people get trapped in sometimes.

Pricing their own virginity might be the only way to solve their problems.

There are actually more than 1 girl who have done the same thing. The prices that they put can be different and the money they earn too.

It all depends on the woman herself and on men who want to take her virginity. There is no doubt that many women consider their virginity something unique and priceless.

But there are also those who wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

selling virginity

Top women who have something to do with selling their virginity

Catarina Migliorini – $440,000

Catarina Migliorini is a girl who has made a lot of attempts to earn money for her virginity. At first she made an action where people were able to bid. The winner turned out to be the Japanese millionaire.

But for some reason Catarina refused to fulfil her promise. But after a while she came back to her plans about losing her virginity for money by making a special website.

She got thousands but she decided to stop it once again. And finally her last try was a TV series that she created. There were about twenty men who she had to choose from.

It was called ‘There’s Something About Catarina’.

Graciela Yataco – $1.5 million

This girl comes from Peru and her behaviour can be called almost heroic. She comes from a poor family and her mom is very sick.

She also has a lot of brothers who need an education but there is no money for anything.

selling virginity

That is the reason why brave Graciela decided to sell her virginity to anyone who would be able to give enough money to provide her family at least with the necessary things.

So the girl placed an advertisement in the newspaper. Later some Canadian guy found her and offered more than one million dollars. Even her mom agreed to her decision.

However, things didn’t go as planned. Graciela suddenly changed her mind because she thought it was immoral and she is a bad example for others.

Natalie Dylan – $3.7 million

The purpose of selling her virginity Natalie Dylan explains as social sciences. She was also a college student back then and this advertisement was just a matter of an experiment.

She wanted to know how much people would want to give her for spending her first night with a man. This experiment helped her a lot while her research on Women’s Studies topic.

Moreover, the topic that she had to study was actually called Virginity and its value. Surprisingly enough even though her offer was not real, there were hundreds of men ready to pay.

Finally the number reached more than 3 million dollars.

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