Shocking: Prisoner impregnates four prison guards

What happens when prisoners dating guards? How four guards managed to get impregnation from a prisoner? Read the article to find more!


What happens when people throw all their skills into charisma? You may ask Tavon “Bulldog” White, a prisoner of Baltimore Detention Center who managed not only create a paradise inside the prison but also have 4 concubines. A federal Judge gave the Kingpin 12 years more imprisoning for illegal actions he ran in jail. Those were smuggling, drug trading, and racketeering. What`s more delightful that he didn`t manage to run this operation by himself. Cherchez la femme, or it`s obvious to paraphrase les femmes as it was four of them who managed to help “Bulldog” a dealer of the year in the USA and may give some story scheme for a movie or serials to Hollywood writers.

How is the prisoner dating worked?


Tavon White, Black Guerrilla family leader run illegal operations inside Baltimore Prison.  He managed to organize smuggling of drugs, cell phones, alcohol and weapons inside the prison. The financial benefits are quite obvious as the things in prison cost at least five times higher than outside. According to the prosecutor, Tavon managed to sell $10 bag of marijuana for $50 inside the jail. And it was only marijuana, the total month income of the gang could be up to 16 000 dollars per month. Moreover, the female guards who supposed to prevent illegal actions – become a part of it. Four women took their new responsibilities to personal and started prisoner dating with the gang leader who naturally impregnated them. According to courts reports, they didn`t regret their actions and two of them tattooed Tavon`s name.

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The list of women fall in prisoner dating is next

  • Tiffany Linder, 27, originated from Washington D.C., was pregnant with White`s child for 8 months when stood the trial. The accusations against her were connected with assisting White`s smuggling actions. She knew about three other women of “Bulldog”.
  • Chania Brooks, 27, another officer impregnated by the prisoner. Tavon managed to buy her a Benz while still was in prison. Furthermore, during the whole years of the operation, he paid her about $40 000. Chania confessed that she slept with the prisoner for gaining more share but it feelings took over her and she got pregnant from him.
  • Jennifer Owens, 32, originated from Maryland one of the White`s lovers who decided to show him an act of dedication by tattooing his name on the neck. She also gave birth to two of his children.
  • Katera Stevenson, 26, also worked in Baltimore Prison started trading with White from 2008. Her impregnation by the prisoner was at  24 years. The Kingpin treated his girls equally, so Katera also obtained her lovely Benz and share of $40 000.

The love pentagon


Tavon White`s love didn`t live for a long time. He reduced his sentence up to 12 years for witnessing against his former concubines. In the same time, they provided another type of behavior by witnessing against each other. Apparently, the love for the prisoner dating with them still sustains as well as jealousy for each other for sharing the same man.

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