Should I wash hair with conditioner?

Long, beautiful, healthy hair! It is not the only reason for pride and envy, but that's also priceless, luxurious decoration for a real woman, a symbol of Femininity! Read how care and maintain the health of your hair!

Many girls having tried dozens of shampoos and complain that even the most nutritious choices don’t  give their hair all necessary weight, make them dry, and, as well as contribute to irritation on the head`s skin. Indeed, the primary goal of shampoo is removing dirt and grease.  In addition to this, the task of a conditioner is to nourish and make them smooth.  Before buying it, you need to understand how to use a hair conditioner.


The choice of conditioner is the important step in making your hair the best!

All hair conditioners can be divided into three categories:

  • daily (rinse-out);
  • indelible;
  • masks of deep impact.

Ideally to use all three types of conditioners to control the degree of hydration of the hair and prevent them from drying out. Wash hair using these products permitted every day.

Experts recommend to buy conditioners from the same manufacturer, and even better — a whole line, which will include shampoo and conditioner.

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The remedy is selected by the type of hair. If you use a conditioner for oily hair possesses dried curls it can worsen their condition. The composition of such conditioner consists of ingredients removes excess fat, thin hair, on the contrary, needs additional power. People who try to wash their hair less often, not to make them dry, it should test different options of air conditioners.
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The conditioner for every day (rinse-out)

To keep the hair in good condition even after daily blow-drying, you must use the balm immediately after shampoo washed away. For best effect it should remove the roots of the hair with shampoo, the foam will clean away all the rest, without subjecting the dried tips of the additional load.

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Many people mistakenly apply the conditioner to wet hair. The conditioner can`t cling to something on slippery surfaces. It’s not necessary to wash the tresses remnants of the air conditioner. The conditioner should evenly use only after careful pressing and blot it with a towel. Firstly, the nutrient concentrate applies to the tips, and if the person suffers from rapid contamination of hair, to cover the roots by balsam don't need at all. You can only apply a little of the composition on the base of the bangs to curls looked shiny.

You should keep the balm for 4-5 minutes, and then it is important to wash out the curls until they are not slippery.

Work with a leave-in conditioning

Indelible products can be applied in two ways: spraying on the hair or coating of the balm at the end of the bath procedures. Products with spray are ideal for beautiful hair that needs volume, not the effect of "sticky strands." Nourishing creams are suitable in the case where it is necessary to smooth the hair or make them less lush (save for a curly).


The product is applied to wet hair after shampooing. Not recommended for times more money than a large pea. It pounded in his hands and fingers distributed over the hair. On the head, the product is applied only if the person has no allergies and restore need root. Wash the hair after treatment with conditioning it is good enough to comb wet tresses and dry.

Products with deep action (masks)

When a simple balm should not be limited because of severely dry up hair, the aid of the deep operations comes to. They are used by professional hairdressers when you want to bring life back to hair.

It’s recommended to use such products not more than once a week. They apply to dirty and clean hair, depending on the type of product. Using some masks correctly, in a month you can restore the hair to "normal."

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The conditioner applies to a thick layer of the hair, and you should put the cup on the head. Such method creates the effect of the sauna, which works actively, giving each hair the necessary elements. To wash hair after the mask is only necessary with cool water for 5 minutes.

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Often girls asked their hairdresser: «Why my hair is so wrong, I still use conditioners and masks?! ». It often happens because of improper care. Read below what have not to do with your hair.

Improper care

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  • constant use of  lye soap and  hot dryer;
  • rough combing poor quality of metal and wooden combs with burrs;
  • coloring using a fixative at a concentration of per hydro more than 12%;
  • increased solar activity in combination with the dry wind (at sea);
  • long wearing one type of hair ( ponytail, fleece) and parting;
  • use shampoos, which expands the volume of hair. A similar effect is achieved either due to the formation of a single wrap, which, thickening each hair shaft or due to loosening of the outer layer of the hair - the cuticle, which performs a protective function. Healthy cells densely adjoin to each other, preventing the evaporation of water from the cortex layer of the hair. Therefore, shampoos with the cosmetic effect which is caused by lifting the free edge of cuticle cells contribute to further hair damage.

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