Smallest church in the world: why is it so romantic?

Where can you find the smallest church in the world? Learn now.

Smallest church in the world

These days people seem to be guided by the rule: build it big and they will come. However, erecting huge churches, we forget about the privacy of our relationship with God. The smallest church in the world brings it back and is a very romantic spot, too.

Smallest church

Where can you find the smallest church in the world?

It is located in USA and has the name “Cross Island Chapel”. Why island? Because it stands right in the middle of the lake on an artificially make island. The chapel is tiny. It’s size is 3 meters wide and 1 meter long.

Why is the smallest church so romantic?

Well, it can fit only three persons at a time. That’s why couples come here to get married. The priest and two people in love with each other come to the chapel to meet God and to get their union blessed by Him.

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Smallt church

The layout is so beautiful: a clear lake and crystal blue sky, the trees all around it.

They have built the place in 1989 and since that time it has grown in popularity for those, searching for romance in life.

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