Smoky quartz: is it a precious stone?

Why smoky quartz got such a name and is the stone considered being precious? Find out now.

Smoky quartz

Nature has created many amazing precious and semi precious gems. Smoky quartz is listed among them. These stones are found on many continents and are used to produce beautiful jewelry. Let’s find out more about the gems.

Is smoky quartz a precious stone?

Well, it’s a semi precious stone. It means they are not as expensive as some of the “high end” stones, such as sapphire or diamonds. Why do they call the crystals “smokies”? Well, because the regular quartz crystals are transparent, but smokies are formed by inclusion of aluminum in between the quartz.


Smoky quartz is a precious stone?

This way the crystals obtain special grayish or brownish color, as if they were full of smoke inside. The amount of aluminum and radiation those stones are exposed to deepen their color. Some people even call these awesome gems Smoky Topaz.

What is the meaning of smoky quartz gems?

They are considered to bring protection for the soul and body of those, who wear them. They symbolize the tight connection to Earth and its strength. These stones are mostly used in jewelry or in various crafts and carving. Moreover, this gem is the national symbol of Scotland. They got the name “Smoky” back in 1837 by J. S. Dana for their special color.

“Smoky” special color.

As you see, these gems offer many valuable properties for personal use and beauty. Enjoy!

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