Social media: which one is the best?

Which social media site is the best for me? Find the answer to this question and learn the history of such sites.

Social media

This subject is hard to cover in just one article, as it is vast. It’s hard to believe that it has been around not so long. Social media has won over our world in just few decades. So, let’s find out more about it and the best kinds of the sites out there.

History of social media:

Can you believe it got around only in 1997?! It sounds ridiculous. How did we live before that? How did we spend our leisure time, shared our information with the friends and our selfies? Wait! There were no selfies back then yet! Another crazy idea, ha?

Well, there is no doubt social media has changed our world. Some people say it’s for better; others believe it’s for worse. But it is here and can you guess what was the first social media site ever? No, it was not Facebook or Twitter.

It was something called Six Degrees. It was a website and it existed 1997-2001. Only few people now remember it. You could land there and create your own profile to start communicating with other users online.


The surge of social media:

It took such sites over a decade to become really and crazily popular. The surge took place in 2003. To some degree it was caused by the wider availability of Internet. And the first winner of our hearts was My Space.

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It was not until one year later that Mark Zuckerberg got his brilliant idea an in 2005 we faced the great FACEBOOK!

Which social media is the best?

It’s really hard to tell. And it depends on what your needs are. Let’s take a look at some of the major and most popular sites and see which ones work the best.

As for the number of registered users we have two unbeatable winner:

  • Facebook
    This one has 1,1 billion people! And it’s the best for many reasons. If you run a business, you can easily and affordably promote it here. And you get high security of your private profile, as a person.
    If you need to reach customers in some distant or small place, most likely you can find them on Facebook! You can sell here, chat, have fun and do many other crazy things. And it is popular among the millennials!
  • YouTube
    Lagging a bit behind is this video social media. It has 1 billion users. It’s a great media, in the matter of few minutes you can set up and own your TV channel. You can share your life on it or make money. Easy! Millions of vloggers (video bloggers) make their living here through uploading quality video content.

Love to chat with your friends for free? Well, join this social media site:

  • Twitter
    It has little over 300 000 000 users and you can chat away with people here all you want. You can make friends, sell stuff, promote things, run contests, share or get coupons. You just name it! But, keep it short!

Looking for a professional environment to get a job or find partners or employees for your company?

  • LinkedIn
    This site has over 250 000 000 users. It offers no junk information, just business. You can make new friends here, but you can also make money by building up your connections and finding profitable acquaintances.

Love to craft, cook, garden? Fond of fashion or wish to sell your vintage things or crafts? Join this social media site.

  • Pinterest
    You can easily pin things to your boards, categorize them and never again lose a recipe you love. You can share your craft ideas or find ideas for your baby shower and other parties.  It has billions of ideas for all those thirsty and hungry after creativity, homemaking and beauty! It has over 250 000 000 users.

And there are hundreds of other sites like that out there. So, which one is the best? It really depends on what you like to do there. The choice is yours.

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