Tallest teen in the world: who is he?

Is this the tallest teenager in the world? Learn how tall he has grown to be!

 Broc Brown

This boy is a real wonder. At first his parents got excited about the son growing so fast, but then they became really worried. He has managed to become the tallest teenager on globe.

How tall is the tallest teenager?

This title belongs to Broc Brown rightfully and he deserved it! Since early years the boy started adding 15 cm to his height every year! That’s a lot! So, how tall did he grow up to be?

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Presently his height is 2 meters 38 cm, but that’s not final! Men usually keep growing until they turn 25 and Broc is just 19! He has full 6 years to go. Presently the tallest man on Earth has 2.5 meters in height. Broc can beat him easily, if he keeps adding cm like that!

His parents got really worried and took their son for a medical check up. This condition is pretty rare and one in 15 thousand people suffer from gigantism. However, Broc’s health is good and he can live a long life, but some challenges are guaranteed! He is willing to put up with them, as this giant is kind and positive.

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