The oldest tree in the world

You would not believe how old is the oldest tree on Earth. Find out now!

Recently the scientists have found a tree that was planted over 1000 years ago. But is it the oldest one on earth? Well, get the list of 5 oldest living organisms known to the scientists. Their age is shocking.


5 oldest trees in the world:

5. Fitzroya Cupressoides

These trees are found in Chili. They grow in The Andes. They are tall, and they do look ancient. Scientists believe that some of them are 3500+ years old!

Fitzroya Cupressoides

4. Llangernyw

This one still grows in the Northern Wales. It is found in the church yard. And it has grown there for over 4000 years! The plant is listed among the 50 oldest and greatest trees of the UK.

3. Zoroastrian Sarv

You can find this awesome tree in Iran. It is listed as one of the national monuments of the country and no wonder it does. It has been planted over 4000 years ago. If the tree could talk, it would share many incredible stories of the ancient civilizations with us.

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Zoroastrian Sarv

2.  Methuselah

California has our number 2. It’s a sort of pine, and it grows in the White Mountains. It has been there for over 5000 years!

1. Old Tjikko

Sweden is the land of legends and history. No wonder it has the oldest among the known trees in the world. Tjikko is really old. It’s a sort of pine, and it has been around for 9500+ years. Can you imagine that? It’s well possible that back then British Islands were still connected by land with the Europe!

 Old Tjikko

These trees are amazing, and they are the longest living organisms on our planet.

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