The youngest mother in the world, who is she?

Do you know who is considered the youngest mother in medical history? Check out this article for shocking history of Lina Medina.

lina medina

Lina Medina is a woman from Peru who is registered as the youngest mother in the medical history. It is stated that she was five years, seven months and 17 days old when she gave a birth to her child. She is currently 82 years old and lives in Lima, the capital city of Peru.


lina medina

Medina was born in Ticrapo, in Peru on September 27, 1933. When she was five years old, she was taken to hospital by her worried parents. They were worried about her increased abdominal size. At first, everyone thought that she had a tumor, but doctors found that she already was on the seventh month of pregnancy. She was immediately taken to Lima so other doctors could confirm that she was really pregnant.
The attention of a World press has been captured by this case and scientists all over the world wanted to make sure that this incident wasn’t fake.
Many didn’t believe this story as a woman’s organism has to be fully developed to conceive a child.
On May 14, 1939 she gave a birth to a boy. As her body wasn’t ready for this procedure, a surgery was required. It was performed by 3 doctors. As they claimed, while making the caesarean, they found that she had fully mature sexual organs.
Her son’s weight was 2.7 kg, they named Gerardo. Until the age of 10 he grew believing that Medina was his sister. As you can see, the drama level of this story might be used for writing a script for a Hollywood movie.

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lina medina

No one has ever known the identity of Medina’s child father nor the circumstances of her impregnation. Her father was taken by the police suspected on child sexual abuse, but he was later released because of the lack of evidences.
Medina was married to man named Raul Jurado, he fathered her second child born in 1972. Currently she refuses to give any interviews, so the biological father of her son will always stay unidentified for the world.


Poor thing! I've read about her and other youngest parents here: http://motherhow.com/youngest-parents/, and I still can't imagine what they've been through.

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