Timaya biography: How a street hawker helped him to earn N500,000?

Nigerian rapper Timaya appeared to have interesting facts in his biography. Do you want to know Timaya true story of earning money? Read and imagine.

Timaya 'Egberi Papa' has probably the most unbelievable grass to grace story on his biography. The turning point in his tale lends voice to my reminder.

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Timaya's biography

Timaya’s grass to grace story is arguably the most touching

They lied to us when they told us that all that opportunity does to announce itself is ‘knock.'

No, my brother, sometimes it whispers very faintly, whistles, snaps the finger or even gives a head nod.

Timaya's true story

The notion that a loud knock on your door that 's hard to ignore, is the single signature signal of opportunity, is both misleading and outdated.

One hot afternoon after the usual rounds of pubs with his CD to get night time DJ spins, he decides to give hawkers on the streets copies for some daytime distribution. One of the hawkers spoke casually to him.

Timaya net worth

Too tired to jump on a bus to some elder brother of a street hawker in his small kiosk in PH but he listened, took the number and called.

Timaya's money

Long story cut short. Danko, the elder brother, was not a small time retailer in PH but a big time marketer in Alaba, Lagos. And so Tamiya made his first half a million and then a second album went for N24m. Likely still an unbeaten deal in Alaba.

Stop waiting for a trumpet to herald open chances for you to take. Every day someone meets somebody that can change his life. Many let the signal go because they are waiting for the dream day when they would be stuck in an elevator with Dangote. This is not Telemundo. It is your life. Wake up and shine your eye. Be more discerning and humble, so you can see, hear and feel opportunity come around you and seize it.

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