Tis the season! Has Google created new doodles for the festive time?

Find the latest Tis the season doodles as well as a collection of great Google doodles created specifically for Nigeria.

Every year since 1998 Google tries to make you special, to make you smile or emotional with their doodles. What are Doodles? They are the small pictures specially created for the Google logo. As mentioned, the first one was done just for fun in 1998 when the Google founders got away from the office and used this cute way to let the users know they are out. Find a collection of doodles created specially for Nigeria. 

tis the season google doodle

Since that time Doodles have become very popular and very professional, too. They are created for various occasions, such as the birth days or death days of famous people, for special events and, of course, for the holidays! This year the first holiday logo doodle got out on the 23rd of December. This year Google doodles are using papercraft topic.

goodle papercraft doodle

All the doodles would be shaped as the papercrafts cutouts. Tis the season, so you can actually copy those doodles to paper or print them out to create you Google Christmas tree decorations. So, get the new bits of fun from Google daily during these festive days and enjoy doing the search online.

Nigerian Google Doodles:

The company has also celebrated many Nigerian events with its doodles. It has started creating doodles for Nigeria independence since 2010. This year’s picture for the special event was especially notable.

nigeria independence day doodle

A cute and fun one was created for the Children’s Day in Nigeria. it is colorful and attractive.

children day doodle nigeria

And, of course Google did not fail to produce a nice one for the World Cup 2014. It is bright and animated.

world cup nigeria doodle

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In 2015 the Doodle for Nigeria was designed in a very special and nice fashion. Take a look: 

nigeria doodle 2015

These little pictures make us feel special and noted by the world. They make the online space cozier and comfy for us. Don’t forget to make someone next to you feel special and important for you, cause Tis the season to do good and to share love.

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Very convenient that you can copy or print doodle. New fun bits from Google will be very interesting to enjoy during the holidays. To date, these pictures are very popular and everyone likes. They bring a lot of fun for adults and children cheer and entertain. All are looking forward to new pictures to see and enjoy the new doodle. All Nigerians appreciate the development of such innovations. Especially those who spends much time on computers and are tired of the monotony of Google.

Answered 2 years ago.

I love the doodles from Google. They are always encouraging me with his unusual appearance, the theme, the music that accompanies them. I first saw the doodles at Google many years ago. It was a Doodle dedicated to the Olympic Games. Doodle was designed as sports competitions. I had a lot of fun for hours playing this simple game. I am sure that the new Doodle from Google will be even more interesting. The Christmas theme always attracts with its unusual appearance, because I look forward to the launch of new doodles. I wish you all a merry Christmas!

Answered 2 years ago.

What a funny thing those creative doodles! I observed some changes with logo of this search system but I didn`t how to call them in propper way. They can be animated, wow! Now doodles attract all my attention while I am putting the the request in my browser. What about Nigerian Doodles I like that one for the Childrens Day, letter E seems to be full of fun and joy! The last, where a bird flies, also impressed me, especially colour scheme. What is the proud bird represented on it- an eagle or what? Tell me.

Answered 2 years ago.

Very like of Google doodle! They are fun and colorful! I like this feature in this company. These figures really make my internet more comfortable and special. It also carries favor and I learn about different interesting events, for example, about famous person or holiday, I start looking for more information and obtain new knowledge. I also like guess, what event to Google devotes regular pattern. It's kind of puzzle. I also know, that depending on country will change patterns. And I liked idea in form of Christmas tree decorations, it can be used.

Answered 2 years ago.
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